12 September 2016

Hello September

A P6251011

Well more than half a year have gone by just like that we're at September already. can you even believe it?!?!?! Anyway, September is probably by far my favourite month of the year cuz its my birthday month!!! I'm super excited cuz my dad is getting me the new iPhone as a birthday present! YAY ME! Not sure which one should I get though, the new matte and jet black looks nice, but deep down I know I'm still a colourful person. Hahah!!

So anyways, this month is pretty chill, I've been claiming off's from my camp like every week cuz my camp is currently involve in some other shit which I don't really care about. LOL!

A friend of mine recently asked me this question: So Don, what are you gonna do after this?
It got me thinking really. Hard enough till I'm really scared of not knowing what to do cuz I've never really thought about it. And now that I've only left around 1 years to finish serving my 2 years of army, I can't help but to constantly think about it.

I've never really told anyone about what I wanna do in the future. The excuse I always give is... I'm not sure, I still have no idea. Studying Uni could be an issue cuz I'm not financially stable to support myself. Plus, I don't really have the feel for studying anymore... For what I know, I have a Marketing diploma, and I'm really passionate in the Arts & Media industry. Fashion, Photography, and Styling to be exact. So after talking to Nicole (nicolelowyx) & Audrey (Ohdreyy) recently, I've finally made a decision and set a goal to go for what we've talked about. Perhaps in the future, I'll make it big. :)

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