29 September 2016

Starbucks® Teavana™

Starbucks 2

I used to be a huge fan of Starbucks when I during my Poly days but I gradually start drinking lesser when I entered the army. Recently, I went for their Teavana® media launch at the Starbucks located at Rochester Mall, which happens to be one of their reserve outlet.

Thanks to Benjamin (@Benvoda) I get to be one of the few lucky people to do a taste test on some of their wide range of Teavana® teas. Lucky for us, we were there early, so we manage to sneak up some good photos before the rest of the media arrive.

Starbucks 4

The event was pretty fruitful and interesting one, I was taught about the different taste of their new Teavana® tea series and how we can compliment each of the individual tea with the small bites that Starbucks has to offer. For instance, the Earl Grey Tea would be best complimented with a cheesecake as the taste is pretty mild and balanced so that it will not overpower the taste of the cheesecake. Before this media launch, all I ever drink was either Java Chip or Mocha Frappe. But after tasting their Teavana® series, I'm sold by their fusion Matcha & Espresso. I mean like come on, you get Coffee + Green Tea in 1 drink. WHY NOT RIGHT?!?! And I was told that its their most hot seller cause its super instagrammable.

If coffee and green tea isn't your cup of tea, you can always op for a more refreshing beverage like the Iced Shaken Hibiscuc Tea w/ Pomegranate Pearls. Its pretty refreshing and instantly gives you the perk that you need.

Starbucks 5

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