01 January 2017

Thank You 2016

Its the time of the year where I sit down and really think about what I've achieved. To be honest, because I'm still serving my NS, its hard for me to really do the things that I really want cuz my life is pretty restricted. But nevertheless, lets take a look back at what I wrote in hopes to achieve in 2016.

- To Be Fitter
Honestly, I really think I've become fitter as compared to last year. I mean, I'm really proud of myself that I make it a habit to run 5km after for at least 2 times a week. So... *Pats on my shoulder*

- Travel at least twice this year
Managed to tick this off my bucket least as I traveled to Korea alone back in June and Vietnam with my platoon mates in November.

- Blog more
Sadly I didn't fulfil this cuz everytime when I book out from camp I'll be so tired to even turn on my laptop. Furthermore having to sort out my photos and edit them and crafting out the content that I want to write. Even if I do, its some "CHAPALANG" kind of post which I kinda regret posting them. But oh wells.

- Spend more time with family
Thankfully, army made me so tired that I don't really want to get out of my house. All I want is just to "nua" at home and spend some quality time with my family. This year, I manage to spend my Christmas and New Year holiday with them, so I'm really really proud of myself on achieving this. :)

- Start thinking about what I want to do in life
This is the one that keeps me thinking. Cuz till now, I still don't know what I want. My friend(s) have all asked about what I want to do after army, any thoughts on further studying, etc etc. Frankly speaking, I really don't know...

With 2016 coming to an end, it means to prep myself stepping into adulthood. I can't be living my life aimlessly anymore. For this upcoming 2017, I really hope to achieve something big to be able to make my friends and family proud of me. Also, in 7 months time I'll be done serving my national service. WOOTS!

Looking at the resolutions made in 2016, I'm glad I was able to achieve more than half of them. Hahah. So here's the 2017 resolution that I'm gonna try to achieve and hopefully when 2017 comes to an end, I'll be able to look back and tell myself that I've checked all of them.

- To continue to stay fit and maintain my physics.
- To travel to at least twice again this year
- To keep in contact with all my friends
- To continue to blog more
- To attend more events
- To achieve something great in life

With my 2017 resolutions made, lets take a look back at what milestones I've achieved in 2016. Or rather what are some of the things that happened was worth mentioning. Hahah.


A PC250015

I rarely take pictures with my siblings, if I do its only on my snapchat or insta story that's all. LOL. In the past I was NEVER close to any one of my sisters at all. I felt really distant, I never wanted to change that. But as I grew older, the things we talk about become more as one. Like our mindset and such are somehow on the same frequency. So one day when my 2nd sis say that she wants to bring our whole family for dinner, I was quite surprised. Hahah.


A P2051020

It was one of the day where Joey (@iisjong) announced that she was going Melbourne to study and perhaps staying there for good, so Damien and I decided to meet out with her for a farewell dinner before she depart off for her study.

P/S: Good news though, Joey said she's coming back for Chinese New Year this year, but sadly I won't be able to meet her (or maybe I can)... Cuz I'll be away at another country during that period for my army training exercise. :((



Celebrated Audrey (left) and Mellysa (right) 21st birthday. Thank god 2016 is over cuz these 95's bitches are so over that TWENTY ONE year old shit. My bank account was crying and bleeding for that whole entire year. Literally. Cuz most of my friends are twenty fucking one years old in 2016. LOLOLOL!!!


A P6182715

Nothing particularly special happened in May, but it was jam packed fun in June cuz I went on a solo trip to Seoul, Korea!!! It was scary at first but I believe that this trip has mould me into a more independent person.



The day where all of us were dreading. BRUNEI! It was scary at first thought. But after going through all the sleeping training there, I wouldn't trade away the friendships and brotherhood forged over there.


I was really excited initially when I was shortlisted as one of the finalists for Teenage Gorgeous Social You Challenge 2016. But due to the clashing of schedule with my army exercise, I had to drop out of the competition. I was really really sad cuz I was looking forward to doing the challenges together with Cheow Yi (Cheowster) and Ben (Benvoda). And I'm really happy that both of them came out as top 2.


A P1011635

Birthday month (September). Turned 24. Received presents and lots of love from my friends and family. Can't be anymore grateful.
(October) Celebrated Garey and Grace's birthday. :)


A PB181906

Went on an impromptu oversea getaway with my platoon mates to Vietnam for 4D3N and after that a 3D2N road trip to Malacca. Probably one of the daring things I've ever did in my life cuz I only told my parents that I'm going to Vietnam like a day or two before my flight. LOL!!!

Also, celebrated Jiayu's 21st Birthday and it was CRAYYYYYYY! Hahaha! Never had such a crazy birthday party in my life. LOL!!!



My poly year 3 clique's little princess's 21st birthday. Very well and thoughtfully planned. Everything turned out so perfect as just how Nicole pictured. Not forgetting I get to see some old familiar faces at the party as well. :)

Alright. That sums up my 2016. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Hahah.
Here's to a more jolly and prosperous 2017. Happy New Year everyone. :)

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