02 January 2016


Hi there humans. I feel that there's a need to write again. Somehow I miss writing on this space. Gotta get my laptop fixed soon!! :(

So anyways, life's been good so far. Spent my 01/01/16 with my poly clique. We went to Golden Mile to have some authentic Thai food which is damn dope as of what Audrey would say. Haha, all thanks to her intro. Afterwhich, we went to town to get my flip flop for army then to habourfront for dinner. Speaking of army, I'm slowly getting used to it. But still, the thought of having to stay in the same place for the remaining 1.5 years is just.....

2015 has been a mixture of good and bad so let's just hope 2016 will be all good year for me. 

Like many other people, they set new year resolutions in hope of achieving it within the year. I can't really remember though, I think I did not set any new year resolution last year cuz of incident that happened. But this year I'm gonna set some! 

1) Hope to be fitter.
Well as you guys know, I'm already losing weight, all thanks to the army. So now I want to build some muscles in order to look better physically.

2) Travel at least twice this year
Not really a resolution but I would like to achieve this. Sounds kinda impossible cuz my life is pretty much restricted due to the army but still, I'm already planning to fly during my block leave in May 2016!!! Hahah!

3) Blog More
Well, as you can see I blogged so little in year 2015, so I hope I would be able to blog more in 2016. Perhaps more about my life instead of advertorials and reviews. :)

4) Spend more time with family.
Because I'm always out and about, I tend to spend very little time with my family. There will be times where my parents are at home but I'm out and vice versa. So the time we spend together is relatively little. :/

5) Start thinking about what I want in life.
I'm at the age where I should probably start thinking what I want to achieve in life, rather than loafing and playing around. It's about time I get serious about my life already. Hahah!

I'm typing this via my phone again so yeap, can't really upload any photos up on my blog now. Let's just hope some miracle happens that my laptop decides to revive itself. Hahahahaha!!! 

Till the next post. 

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