10 January 2018

Are We There Yet?


Hello, hello. To those who are still sticking by my blog and reading all the bits and puzzles of my life that I'm trying to piece together.

It's been quite awhile since I last wrote a personal post. And as much as I keep saying that personal blogging is more or less dead, the lifespan of a person staying on a page to read something is also decreasing. I feel that blogs still has its value and live up to its name to once a platform for brands and advertisers to market their product.

Okay I digress. The reason for me writing this is because of what I fear the world has become, and is going to become. In a age where everything is so superficial, everyone is so attracted to things that are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing, we fail to look deep upon to what's beneath those carefully curated image. I ask myself, when scrolling through some of my social media, do I really look at what the caption/content is, or do I just look at the image itself. The answer is pretty clear, I'm at guilt myself too. We all are. In contrary to what I've just mentioned, I had a small talk with some of my friends over a meal last month. We realized how some brands and companies are so obsessed with numbers, just like how we're obsessed with curating those beautiful images. They don't see beneath those numbers, just like how we don't see the captions/content beneath those carefully curated visuals. When it comes to advertising, some brands and companies rather believe in superficial things like numbers  than hard work and creativity. It irks me, really.


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