22 January 2018

Fly From Singapore To Kuala Lumpur


We all know how close Johor Bahru is to Singapore and vice versa. If we feel like crossing the border we're just a bus away. Just December last year, I went for a short day trip to Johor Bahru with 2 of my close friends that I have known since pri school. We all know there's this really famous "Ba Kut Teh" stall near KSL Mall but we opt for something different and went to a Korean restaurant instead. Their operating hours is from Mon–Sun: 12PM–12AM. Price range wise is really good for sharing. Portion wise is also very generous. We also visited the newly open Paradigm Mall and I saw news that they had open an Isaac Toast outlet. So being a die hard fan of the toast I had to give it a try.
JB 1

Malaysia is known for their really good and affordable food and people just keep coming back for more. But do you know that all these does not just revolve around Johor? There are other parts of Malaysia such a Malacca, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. For instance, somewhere around late 2016 I went on a 3D2N getaway with my army friends, just to get a breather from the mundane things we do in camp.

Jonker Street

But lucky I have friends that know how to drive, so we rented a car and drove around Malacca. The above mentioned are still accessible via vehicle in short distance but for longer distance such as Penang and Kuala Lumpur might take some time, so Traveloka Malaysia has approach me to share with my readers on what they have to offer. You can check out their link over here: Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

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It's easy booking and everything is pretty much idiot proof. On top of that, Traveloka also have 24/7 live chat so can rest assure that you'll get your enquiries answered pronto. You can also follow them at Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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