24 March 2019

Korea 19' Day 1: Arriving @ Seoul

It has been a week or two since I am back from Korea, And the post-withdrawal syndrome is so real. Thus, I have decided to stop procrastinating and start writing this travel post before I get all lazy and forget the details about this trip of mine.

I had plans to travel this year and quite a bit I would say. Like I've said in my previous post. This year will be full of plans and plenty of things to look forward to. I bought my air ticket back in October last year when SQ was having a promo. Initially priced at $591, but I hesitated and it hike up to $641. But it is still cheap considering that its SQ, so I end up buying it and fast forward 5 months later, my long awaited trip to Seoul is finally here.

Arrived at Incheon International Airport at about 3pm (Korea Time). Got my data sim just outside the arrival hall. You can purchase the one for unlimited 4G data for 10 days which cost around ₩37,000.

After which, I got my T-Money from the machine where it had limited edition LINE Friends charm. (imma sucker for these kind of things). Anyway, the card that they gave for the data sim can also be used for T-Money. It's pretty environmentally friendly I would say.

Took the AREX to Hongik University Station to check into my AIRBNB. I will put a link of my airbnb down below so you guys can check it out if you're interested.

Arrived at Hongik University Station after an hour plus. Met up with the rush hour and it was quite difficult to lug my luggage through and fro the crowd. But luckily the place I stayed in is near the station located just right beside the building of station exit 1.

After checking in and putting my stuff, I went on out to the neighbourhood to explore. First things first. BT21. Went over to LINE FRIENDS to check out some BT21 items and 我的天! I went overboard there. I spent close to $100 SGD over there within minutes. And so I have decided to put a stop and walk out of the store and back to my apartment to put down my loots first before heading out for dinner.

One of my objective in Korea was to have Korean BBQ! I remembered I had one back in 2016 at Myeong Dong. It was quite good but relatively pricey. Me being the adult myself, of course, I have prepared to spend here like a king. So no regrets.

Reached Myeong Dong station and being the tourist area it is. It is crowded as usual. Walked around and immersed myself with the crowd first before going into the restaurant for dinner. Never felt so happy eating Korean Barbeque. I have been craving for the meat for so long and I finally get to have it. After dinner, I walked around and soaked myself with the atmosphere there a bit before calling it a day.

And that's all for day 1. Didn't really do much but I think I spent the most for this day. LOL!

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