11 March 2013

CNOS 2.0! How To Vote???

Hello Everyone!!!

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As you guys have already know, I'm shortlisted as one of the contestants for this year's Cineleisure's Next online Sensation version 2.o, and I really really need you guys help...

Here's The Link To The Voting Site: CLICK HERE

So this is what you guys have to do!

Step 1:
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Then this small little box will pop out.
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Step 2:

Type in your email address and password for your Facebook account, then the system will prompt you to type in your password again, for safety purposes I guess?

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Step 3:
Then this will appear, just click "log in with Facebook".

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Step 4:
Scroll all the way down till you see the me!!!

Now if you guys have not read my blogpost for the first challenge...

Here it is: CNOS Ver 2.0 Challenge 1 (NomNom Challenge)

Enjoy reading people! Stay Gorgeous Pretty *WINK*!

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