07 March 2013

CNOS version 2.0 Challenge 1 (FOOD)

Here's the VLOG that I did

Summary of this video:

- A song that I created, changing the lyrics of our local talented JJ Lin's song, Mu Nai Yi (林俊杰-木乃伊).
- A short skit, showing me late for a date, with my friend, and yet still take my own sweet time.
- Then the VLOG that I did for the food challenge. (Actually it links from the short skit)

Hope you guys will like it and do watch finish this video yea. :)

 photo Feelinghungryedited.jpg

Other than the ones that I've mentioned in the VLOG that I did, Cineleisure has got many many F&B outlets for you to savor in. Be it quick bites or a proper meal.

If you're on a rush for a movie or even wanting to just have a quick bite, CINELEISURE IS JUST THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Head down to 7-Eleven near the entrance of Cineleisure! WHY?!! Cuz IT'S A STORE & MORE! Or, you can even grab a cup of BEST FRIES FOREVER over at Basement 1.

 photo Quickbites1.jpg
 photo bffedited.jpg

No worries, you can always grab a cup of frozen yogurt at FROLICK right next to BEST FRIES FOREVER. :D :D :D

 photo QuickBitesfrolick.jpg

 photo Newthirstyedited.jpg

 photo ArteaseeditedNEW.jpg

Why not try Nihon Mura (日本村)???

 photo NihonMura.jpg

Nihon Mura is newly open over at Cineleisure recently, it can be labelled as a quick bite, or even a restaurant that satisfies your tummy, depending on how you put it...

 photo Newmeedited.jpg

The food is placed on the conveyor belt, so to some it can be a GRAB AND GO kind of food, but it also can be a restaurant that satisfy your taste-buds.
 photo happyboy_92.jpg
 photo Everythingfor150.jpg


Shokudo (Japanese Coffee House) will always be here for you.

I'ts because Shokudo is operates from 11.30am - 2am (Sundays to Thursdays), and 11.30am - 3am (Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays).

So for those who likes to stay out late till 12midnight and often goes hungry in the middle of the night, THIS IS GOOD NEWS!!!
 photo Shokudofilling.jpg

 photo Newshokudo.jpg

Here are some of the food that we had...

The following photos are not suitable for those who are dying of hunger. (XP! JUST KIDDING!!)

Tonkatsu Omu Curry Rice
Japanese style deep-fried pork loin and curry with omelette rice, Price: $14.80

The omelette taste heavenly, just the kind that I like, not watery and not really cooked, JUST NICE! Together with the rice dipped with the curry, it tastes as though an expensive meal that costs $30 and over!!!

Nah! I'm exaggerating, but you guys get what I mean, and it's really really good!
You guys should really try it! They have it in Grilled Chicken, Beef, Ebi Fried, and Pork Chop too.

 photo omuedited.jpg
 photo omucurryedited.jpg

Teriyaki Chicken Cheese Burger
Served with fries and wasabi mayonnaise, Price: $8.80

Needless to say, the teriyaki chicken meat is tender, its cooked really well, not forgetting the egg too! Best eaten together with the burger/bun/bread (whichever you like to call it).

If you don't really take wasabi or mayonnaise, you can ask their friendly service stuff to remove it when ordering, they will be more than happy to help you do so. :)

 photo burgeredited-1.jpg

Macha Kakigori (for Singaporeans, we call it Green Tea Ice Kachang)
Green tea slush ice with Japanese red beans, Price: $5.80

For the price you pay, I can say THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

 photo machaedited.jpg

The ice literally melts in your mouth, and paired with the red beans.
It's like one of the BEST COMBINATION!!!

Unlike those that you eat elsewhere, Shokudo's Macha Kakigori doesn't make your mouth dry, you know, like whenever you eat those sweet stuff, you will tend to go thirsty and such, their Macha Kakigori won't, it just makes you want to put another scoop into your mouth!

Best eaten during a SCORCHING HOT weather! :D

 photo editedmacha.jpg
 photo Shokudoreviewedited.jpg

That's Not All!!

 photo XINGWANGGG.jpg

Those were just a few that I've recommended. But Cineleisure definitely has more to offer.

 photo Alltheshops.jpg

So now you know where to head to when you're in need of a quick bite, or even looking for a filling meal. Now I shall end this post with a tagline that I thought of...

Savour Your Taste-buds @Cineleisure!

Cuz It's Gonna Get Sensational!!!

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