28 March 2013

Go Viral With The Cathay Decoded Race

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Today I'm gonna blog about CNOS ver 2.0 Challenge no. 4! The Virality Challenge!

Why not watch this video first, so you roughly know, what I'm blogging about in my post... :D

The Cathay Decoded is actually an online game, and this year it's created LIVE as a race.
(like an Amazing Race)

The objective of this race is to test our knowledge about The Cathay organisation, and we have to race around orchard area to find QR codes and scan it, and to solve the crossword puzzle that was given to us. Now lemme test you guys a simple one...

*Did you know, at the beginning of World War 2 in 1942, The Cathay Building was converted into a redcross casualty station?!

I was too at first when I found out about this!

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When we're at station 1, there was a total of 10 QR Codes hidden at Level 1 and Basement 1 of The Grand Cathay, and #TeamPuck (Me,Angie and Ziwei) already spent more than 45minutes over there searching but we just couldn't find the last one, so #Team1992s (Angela, Katriel and Cheryl) was kind enough to share with us/exchange answers with us...

But to our surprise, we got 1 question wrong, and ended up we all decided to give up and accept the 5minutes penalty, and so we asked the station masters what is the question that we got wrong and what is the answer.

In the end
It wasn't our fault that we got wrong, its the QR Code that #Team1992s scan got abit of a problem, cuz the QR Code they scan was a question ON E2MAX Cineleisure, and it has got nothing to do with the business units located in The Grand Cathay...

So yea, ended up we wasn't penalized.


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The Food That Some Of Us Ordered
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Did a video of the post-decoded race dinner with the cnos2 bloggers :)

Well, that's about it...

That's all for my CNOS2 blogpost...Hope you guys have enojoyed reading all my CNOS 2 entries, if you haven't, do read 'em over here...

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Before I end this post, do check out my team mates: Ziwei's and Angie's blogpost for The Cathay Decoded Race too!

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Cus Its Gonna Get Sensational!

Cheers` dOnnlicious

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