26 March 2013

Sneak Preview of The Cathay Decoded Race!

 photo IMG_0241.jpg

The Moment Where Everyone Had Been Waiting For!

HAHA! Ths title is just to keep you guys in suspense! LOLOLOL!!!


Before I post my CNOS2 challenge 4 blogpost! Here's a sneak peek of what you're gonna see!

 photo preview.jpg

P/s: That is not my real shape of my stomach, it's teeny tiny smaller, like maybe 1cm inner abit...

Did this video of the post decoded race even dinner with the CNOS2 bloggers!

Video includes them being tricked by Me, Huixin, Clinton, Vivian, Shenny and TiffanyYong! HAHAHA!

Cuz we told them that the results for the 2nd challenge is out, and all of them believed it and went to the CNOS2 website to check, only to know that they got trolled! HAHAAH!

But anyways, I really love each and everyone of them, it's like, this saturday is the finals already, and I'm really gonna miss all of them...

We've all worked our ass off to come this far, and all the non-stop fun chats in Kakao! Will really miss all that!

It's the final lap now, and it's just a few more days, we can all do this! Let's all do our best and make this last challenge an awesome one!!!


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