25 June 2014

An Old School Entry

HI (to imitate dear Fennimisoo)

Today I have the sudden urge to write a blog entry, no reason why, just felt like it. Just like the old school days, where I can post dozens of entries in A DAY. Hahaha! But that was then, where all my entries like no substance one. Lololol!!!

So today, I went to school and saw my tutor for Services Marketing module, so my group members and I went to talk to her like how we always do. So out of the blue, we asked how was our exam results, and her reply was: Yea, not too bad, but there's people who failed. At that point of time I saw my tutor LOOKING AT ME when she said that (THERE'S PEOPLE WHO FAILED) and at instance my gut feeling was telling me, great I failed, like what's new?!!! So later she then added, but there were no failures from 3M02 (which is our class) and I immediately went WHEWW! RELIEVED!!! Hahahaha! It's like, I thought I was gonna fail this module right after I walk out of the exam hall but NO! I PASSED! Haha!

So yeap, but that tutor (also the same tutor for another module) told us that we did badly for that. It was so bad that she said it was bad. LOL!

The day ended with lunch at design school canteen with my groupmates. Talking about life, actually....


The thing that has been bothering me recently is that, a lot of my friends have already got their internship sealed and secured, those that haven't also have already been sent for an interview, but till now, there's no news of me being sent to any company for interview, which I'm quite afraid because I don't want to end up working at some reflexology or telemarketing company. I wanna work at a place where I have interest in and I can enjoy working at. Yea, so I hope I'll be getting that "sacred" email from my DIP Representatives for my internship soon. :(


The nomination period for Singapore Blog Awards, also known as SBA has come to an end, and from now till 3rd July is the judging period for the 10 finalists of each category. To be honest, I'm having hopes of making it to at least 1 category. Ever since last year, I wanted to get into the top 10, but eventually, I didn't. All my blogger friends were like saying SBA main category very hard to get into top 10 one. If you can get into top 10, you should be happy already. True enough.

So the other day, I was telling Andy that I hope to get shortlisted to the top 10 finalists for Best New Blog category, and his reply was: -.- YOUR BLOG VERY NEW MEH?!!!

Hahahaha! Well, technically my blog started last year and I began blogging religiously after CNOS 2013 which is after April 2013 mah, YES, NO??? Hahaha!

So now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, till 3rd July, which is just 1 week away, and I hope, Joyce, Me, Andy, Joey, Damien and all my blogger friends will be shortlisted. Haha! ^.^


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