29 June 2014

Wimbly Lu Chocolates

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Wimbly Lu is just a stone throw away from Rokeby Bistro Cafe. You can click on this link if you see the directions on how to get there. (

So on the other day, right after we had our mains at Rokeby Bistro Cafe, we then walk down a few shops down to Wimbly Lu Chocolates for desserts. Thank god we only have 3 people if not we would have to wait for quite awhile as the timing that we went was quite crowded.

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We each ordered a dessert and we shared the bill among ourselves. We ordered:

Nutella Chocolate Pie - $6
Waffle w/ Ice Cream - $8.50
Chocolate Creme Brulee - $5

For the waffles with ice cream, you can choose which flavor of ice cream you want, we chose the Cheesecake icecream because.... It stands out from the rest of the flavors I guess??? And you hardly see places selling cheesecake ice cream. Hahaha!!!

Oh! You also get to choose the topping, Maple Syrup, Toffee or Chocolate Sauce.

Here's a picture of the menu, in case you guys wanna see.

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We sat at a very awkward seat whereby infront of us were 3 girls and me and CS was sitting in a way that we're facing them. So weird???!!!!

I love their waffles its super crispy (I LOVE CRISPY WAFFLES! ♥) and their cheesecake ice cream is surprisingly good as well.

I MEGA LOVE THEIR CHOCOLATE CREME BRULEE! Its worth the $5! What's more we shared the cost among ourselves, so yeap! :)

The only complain that I have is the table that we're sitting at luh! Other than that, no complains!! Hahaha!!

At Wimbly Lu, there's service charge and GST, so do take note.

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Address: 15 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987
Contact: 6289 1489

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 12.30pm - 10.30pm
Friday: 12.30pm - 11pm
Saturday: 9am - 11pm
Sunday: 9am - 10.30pm -

Closed: Monday

Last order - 30 minutes before closing

Dine-in orders - subject to a 10% service charge

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