08 June 2014


Hello everyone!!! I'm finally done with my exams and I'm probably at the airport now or maybe on my way there already!! As you guys have hears about me rambling about my trip. YES! I'M FLYING TO KOREA IN A FEW HOURS!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!


Throughout the whole process it's been tough. I still remember I had to deal with the "kind of slow" service from Scoot customer service. But everything is going smoothly now. Going back when I just won myself a trip for 2 to Korea at the finale of Kpop Starhunt 3! Hahahah! What a surprise!!!

Months have passed and I'm finally flying over there!!! Kudos to Andy for doing all the planning and stuff! He's super good at all the planning. Just like my Taiwan trip last year, my kind friend did all the planning and stuff and all I did was just camwhore and shop! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

This trip, I'll be going to some of the main attractions such as Lotte World, Everland, Trick Eye Museum, Seoul Tower, and many more!!! For our accommodation, we're staying at Seoul Tower Hostel, which I'll go into further details after I'm back from the trip. Hahaha!!





Total damage for the air fare, accommodation etc is about $360 (Air Fare) + $422 (Accommodation) for 2 person la, so you just divide it by 2 and that's how much each of us paid for.

I won the return trip for 2 during the finale of Kpop Starhunt 3, that explains why the ticket is so cheap. But eventhough it stated a free return trip ticket, you'll still need to pay for the air tax and stuff. But still, its worth it la!!! Cuz I checked the prices for the air tickets to Korea, each person is around $500 - $700 leh!!! Siao!!!


Here's where we'll be staying for our entire trip. I tried googling for the photos but the rest of the photos are all very small. So yeap! I'm super duper excited for my trip already, can't wait to share my experience with you guys!

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