22 June 2014

Rokeby Bistro Cafe

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Once in a blue moon meet up with my BFF's, also known as my Primary School Friends. We decided to meet up for dinner, chill and catch up with one another. But 90% of the time me and Cheryl was just "SUANING" CS with his "stupidity, not saying he is, but he's just being a bimbo la! Hahahaha!

Sent them the websites to check for Cafe's to go to and they both decided on ROKEBY Cafe. To be honest, I've never heard of this cafe before, so why not give it a try?

Thank god Cheryl drives, if not we would have a hard time finding the place, but actually, with her driving, we already had quite a hard time finding the place. Blame it all on google maps!!!

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So anyways, reached the place, it's somewhere near Serangoon NEX, but I'll paste the exact location at the later part of this post for easier reference.

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It was only after we came then crowd started to come, before that, there was no one in the cafe, so yeap. WE BRING THE CROWDS!!!! Hahaha! Just kidding.

Anyways, just so you know, they have different menu on different timing, like eg; they only serve certain dishes until a certain timing, after that they stopped. A bit like LOLA's Cafe where they have Brunch Menu, and Dinner Menu. So yeap.

Water is self service and its free flow, so you can just grab a cup near the counter and get yourself a drink whenever you like. :)

Cheryl ordered Spaghetti Carbonara - $15.90
CS ordered Fish & Chips (BOOOORINGGGGG!) - $16.90
Yourstruly ordered THUNDER TIGH BURGER - $15.90

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Feedback from Cheryl: Her Spaghetti Carbonara is too salty. For me (I tried abit), I feel that its nice la, just that if you keep eating you'll get sick of it easily. Just my opinion though.

Overall I find their food was average only, Cheryl was saying like she don't even know why people (LIKE US) go cafe hopping, its like a sudden trend and everyone is like going cafe hopping. LOLOLOLOL!!!

So yea, food was average, place is also so-so. But the good thing about rokeby is that they don't charge taxes. That means whatever you order from the menu, you just pay for that amount. Don't believe? Look!!!

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Ohyah, their service is also quite good, they bother asking if we would like to have tomato or chili sauce to go along with our food because it doesn't come together with it. So extra points for that.


Address: 15 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987
Operating Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 10pm
Facebook Page:

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