17 December 2014

Dancing Crab

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A few weeks back, I went out for a food hunt and also a belated birthday celebration for one of my friend. Somehow I managed overcome my fear of eating crab.

My friends all know that I'm allergic to food that comes from the sea. And if I were to consume any of it, eg: prawns, squid, clams etc, my whole throat will become itchy and my mouth will start swelling.

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The restaurant itself is pretty big IMO, decided to bring my friends to this place to give it a try after reading Andy's blog entry on his visit to dancing crab. Being a bit "kiasu" I made reservation the day before just to avoid disappointment. LOLOLOL!!!

At Dancing Crab, the way to consume the food is slightly different as compared to other crab restaurants. Over here, you eat the food with your bare hands. No plate or utensils given. To some, it might be a turn off but for people like me and one of my friend, we love the idea of using our hands to it and everything is just messy and on the table for you to eat. Hahah!

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We ordered a combo 1 that consists of a crab, 300g of prawns, 250g of clams, some potatoes and sausages which costs around $80++?? and we also ordered some other finger food as well. Though, I feel that their menu is quite limited.

When ordering the combo, you can choose which sauce you want. One of our friend came here before and she tried the signature sauce and she told us it was VERY spicy. So ended up we ordered the Zesty Garlic Butter??? Or was it the Herb Butter??? I can't really remember though. :((

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#SELFIE before getting all dirty and messy

After the long wait, the food finally arrived at our table. We ordered Fried Mushrooms, Crab Cake, 1 Combo 1, and Cajun Fries. I think its just nice for 4 people. If there were more people around, I think you will need to order 1 more combo.

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After we're done eating, we walked around to kill some time before the next shuttle bus arrives. Ohyah! Dancing Crab is located at The Grandstand which is the old Turf Club. There are shuttle bus at Clementi MRT station and Toa Payoh, you can check out the timing for the shuttle bus here:

Dancing Crab
Location: The Grandstand #01-20/21 200 Turf Club Road
Contact: 6466 3303
Operating Hours: Tue to Fri: 5pm – 10.30pm
Sat, Sun & PH: Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm | Dinner: 5pm – 10.30pm

While we're on our way back, we saw this shop that sells really really cute macaroons. I can't help it but to succumb to temptations. Its too cute not to buy!!!

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I hearby apologize to all Hello Kitty fans

Ending this post with a posy outfit of the day~

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