06 December 2014

ANTM Cycle 21 Finale

Finally! After 3 months plus, its the finale of America's Next Top Model. Here you have it, the top 4 for this cycle. Adam, Will, Keith and the top girl Lenox.

03 Tyra

Tyra surprised them at their hotel room telling them that they're going to be modeling her own make up collection called "TYRA". She also brought back some familiar faces with her as well. Tyra then told the top 4 that the eliminated models will be helping them to shoot for their commercial.

05 reunion

Here are the teams as follows:

Team Adam: Denzel, Chantelle, Kari and Adam
Team Keith: Mirjana, Shei and Keith
Team Lenox: Matthew, Ben and Lenox
Team Will, Ivy, Raelia and Will

team adam
Team keith
Team lenox
Team Will

After which, the models are then off to their hair and make up, with Tyra helping them of course.

08 team adam
07 team keith
06 team lenox

Later then, they arrived at Lotte World Foodcourt for their shoot. With a surprise guest in the house, Allison Harvard from Cycle 12 and All Stars. The models were all pretty starstruck.

09 lotte foodcourt
10 Allison

Everyone was still a bit taken aback at how Adam is in the final 4 eventhough he is the most improved contestant in the house.

At the shoot, Keith struggled a little bit and Will too. Will felt pretty self conscious about himself as he was required to do the shoot topless. But thankfully he had Raelia there with him as his pillar of support.

12 adam
11 Keith
15 team will

While on the otherhand, the guys were pretty intimidated by Lenox as she's the only girl left and the shoot that they're doing are beauty commercial shoot, and she's doing pretty well too.

16 Lenox

After the models are done with the shoot, they had a celebratory dinner at some local restaurant to commemorate journey at top model.

17 cycle 21

The next day, the models arrive at panel, not knowing that they're going to be having their GUESS shoot.

18 photoshoot
19 adam
20 will
21 lenox

Halfway through the shoot, Tyra, Kelly and Ms J arrived, telling them that they had been watching their entire shoot since they've stepped into the room. Not knowing what's happening, Tyra then added that they're gonna be eliminated 1 model right now.

22 photoshoot

After much deliberation, Adam once again got best photo, followed by Will. In the end, it was Lenox and Keith who landed themselves in the bottom 2. And so, Lenox was the one that got eliminated.

23 Adam Best Photo
24 will runner up
25 Bottom 2
26 Keith

So it was down to the final 3 guys to stomp to their death on the final runway. After which, the judges are gonna critic on their full body of work throughout the cycle. Before their runway show, they had a preview of the 3 guys doing their Nylon shoot.

27 Final 3
31 Keith Nylon
29 Adam Nylon
30 Will Nylon

At the final runway show, they had 2NE1 performing their hit song "Crush" before Jourdan Miller, winner of Cycle 20 opening the runway show.

28 Runway Show
32 2Ne1
34 FInale

After the runway show. the guys arrived at panel, and the fight was so close. It's down to the last 3 guys. Tyra announced the first guy that is not America's Next Top Model, and that person is Adam.

35 Final 3
36 Adam Top 3

Okay. Now it's down to the final 2. Will or Keith. I shall not spoil you guys. Just go on and watch the show. Hahah! Here's the scoreboard of episode 15 part 1 and episode 15 part 1 and 2 of America's Next Top Model Cycle 21.


Alright, I guess that's it. I've come to the end for blogging about America's Next Top Model. I still can't believe I've been diligently blogging about this show for the whole of this cycle. Even though it takes up a lot of my time, but I really enjoyed blogging about this. Let's hope I can do this for the next cycle as well. Haha! Till next cycle~ ♥


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