09 December 2014

Ups & Downs

So... It has been a week plus since my internship ended and honestly, I didn't thought that I would do a post specially for it because.... Well. Cuz I hated my internship initially, then feelings, friendships and deep relationship started coming in and POOF! Feelings changed.

For the first few weeks I was pretty looking forward to the end of my internship cuz I thought I won't be forging any relationships with the people there. But I was wrong. Everyone there was so caring and nice to me that its almost impossible to say "NO" to them. Even my supervisors were very nice and I like the fact that I could easily communicate with "almost" everyone in the office.

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I guess I can't reveal where I was posted to for my internship but its somewhere near the east area where all the logistics area are located.

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So 12 weeks past pretty fast and when it was the last day of my internship, I bought a little something for the people that I've been with and thought me a thing or two along the way. I still can't believed I cried so bad before I left the office. Hahah!

The next day after I left the office, I'd still receive texts from the people in the office telling me how much they've appreciated my little thoughts and how much they missed me already. But to be honest, I don't think I'll be going back there to work as a full timer because it's not really the kind of job that I wanna do. Yet still, I really appreciate the things that the people in the office has done for me, and not forgetting my two really funny, cute and irritating supervisors.

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