12 December 2014

Semester 3 point 2

Its down to the final lap and after 12 weeks of internship, I'm finally back in school. As first week is only lectures (no tutorials, YAY), this explains the time I have to update my blog. Hahah! But still, once I'm back, I'm already bombarded with lecture notes, tutorials, client brief, individual assignments, projects, and my unfinished internship report which is due on the 17th December!!! *GAWWWWWD*

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First day of school, and a mandatory photo is needed! Hahah! Took an instagram photo to tell the whole world that I'm back in the campus to strut my stuff. LOLOL?!!!

Knowing that there's Starbucks promotion for the month of December, and its 1 for 1 on that day, my friends and I rushed to the nearest Starbucks outlet to get our 1 for 1. Haha!

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So for the start of our project, my friend decided to encourage us (the group) by ordering pizza for us, as a form of motivation and to keep our spirits up to do better for our projects. Can I say the best leader award goes to him??? He literally fed us like a pig. LOLOLOLOL!!!

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As I've mention that I'm being thrown with so many things to do on the first week of school, there's no explanations needed that I need to stay back in school to do up my work. So this coming few weeks, I have to succumb to having McDonalds for lunch/dinner almost every day.

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And so, knowing that NAPFA test is on the next day, I still had McDonalds. But what got me really upset is that I didn't even get to take my NAPFA test, and I only got to know on the day itself.

I was super duper pissed off. Like why can't they inform us beforehand that people who's status that are still pending or still waiting for further medical referral are not required to take the test. They made us carry a whole bag of "barang barangs" the entire day! Gawwddd!

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On Friday, I decided to go out and have some retail therapy. Got myself another bottle of VS Perfume and a hoodie from cotton on. It was like a carefree Friday.

And while I was walking past Marina Square, I saw that the queue at llaollao was kinda short, so I thought, why not queue for it, since its been quite awhile since I last had one.

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This sums up my whole week. Haha! Its back to school tomorrow, and I have lessons at 9am! I don't know why but I'm kinda excited for class! LOLOL! Its my first tutorial for semester 3.2 btw.

All right, that's about it. Till next post. Ciao~

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