22 February 2015

Adventure Cove

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As seen from the title, you can prolly guess what this post is about. YES! ITS ABOUT ADVENTURE COVE!!! *CLAPS*

This is a very backdated post, as i'm really busy with school (I just finished my FYP if you haven't know), I didn't really have time to sit down and edit the photos.

So this was way back at last year November, where my group of friends were planning to surprised this guy friend of mine but he sort of spoil the surprise himself. HAHAHAHA!!!!

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Happy us wanted to give him a surprise but ended up failing. LOL! We went there extremely early just so we can get the tickets before that guy reach. To our surprise, there's discount if you were to use your debit/credit card to pay (which I forgot is which bank already obviously!!)

But now i'm not sure if the discount is still valid though. Hahah!
So anyways. We bought our tickets and just nice our dear friend arrived.

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A random OOTD shot out of nowhere. Hahah! 
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After meeting our friend, we then head off to have our breakfast at McDonalds. I would advise you guys not to have a heavy meal before going into Adventure Cove. Cuz half the time you'll be screaming and laughing your lungs out when taking the rides.

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Time passes fast when you're having fun. I would recommend you to go down early, like in the morning around 9am - 10am?? Cuz half the time you'll be queuing for the rides, so to maximize your time, its better to go earlier. And so that you have more time to enjoy yourselves la.

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We stayed till they're about to close, wash up and we had Astons for dinner. Can I say the service at Astons is REALLY GOOD! Their staff there is so friendly and they serve their food pretty fast! Unlike some outlet that you see at town area. TSKTSK!!!

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And that pretty much sums up my day at Adventure Cove. Till next post! CIAO~

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