17 February 2015

Ah Boys To Men 3; Frogmen

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Recently I was invited to attend Ah Boys To Men 3; Frogmen gala premiere at Shaw Lido, kudos to Safra.

Before they begin showing the movie, the was a special appearance from the cast of Ah Boys To Men 3 and also director Jack Neo to give the audience a brief intro of what to expect for the movie.

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There's a slight twist to this 3rd installment. This time round, its filled with humor and emotions. And I can say it was over my expectations and even my friend that went for the premiere with me also agree with what i said.

I shall not spoil too much for you. The movie will be out on 19th Feb 2015 but tickets is already available for booking. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. ^.^

Ending this post with my outfit for that day. Just a simple blue shirt that i wore it as an outerwear and a basic white top. Hahah! I don't know why but i'm so into basics nowadays. LOL!

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Ohyah! And my friend baked for me buttered cookies! ♥
Feeling so loved and appreciated. SANKYEWWWWW! ^.^y

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