24 February 2015

Goodbye Friends, Hello Strangers

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Every year, the bloggers affectionately known as le *Cousins*, will have a staycation to celebrate either Christmas or the New Year. Last year, we decided to combine both festive seasons and just celebrate it at 1 day. 

Kudos to Meldric aka Mel (@Swiszy) he helped us book a room at Park Avenue Rochester. The room was rather small as compared to our previous staycation. but it still manages to squeeze all of us la. ^.^y

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And just like last year, we all make use of the kitchenette that is available and bought some food from the nearby supermarket and cook ourselves. LOL! But actually I didn't really help out in the cooking. HAHAHAHA!!

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The night ended with a hide and seek of our secret santa gift exchange. And I got my present from Jing Long! WootWoots! It's capital land mall voucher which i used it to buy my iPhone cable! Hahaha! :D

I didn't really sleep well for the night though, Fenny didn't sleep either. So we ended up going down to the hotel lobby talking for the whole night till 6am-ish??? Then we went back to the hotel room to catch a wink. I still remember clearly how many "fucks" Fenny gave me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

And soon, one by one woke up to cook breakfast for everyone. I think Jing Long did the most work??? LOL!

Aites, ending this post with a instagram worthy photo. Ciao~

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