19 March 2015

Glass Bead

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Hello there everyone! It's been awhile since I last updated. Nowadays, I kinda lost the feel to just sit down and write. My life recently also very boring la. LOLOLOL!

So a little update here. I found a job to keep myself occupied till my enlistment date cuz loafing around at home also a bit waste of time. So I thought why not I go get myself a job. I didn't really tell anyone where I'm working because I want to keep it low profile.

The reason for me getting a job is also to get myself busy and out of the house so I won't think so much and go crazy with my thoughts. And i'm loving my job so far! I got to know a few people from my workplace and they're a fun bunch! ♥

Ohyah! I've also contacted my web designer in regards to my change of new blogskin already. Soon this web layout will be gone. LOL! I told my friend about it and he asked me am I sure of changing it, cuz the design that i want to revamp to is rather plain and simple. But yea, i'm pretty sure of what i want and sticking to my decision.

Met up with Damien, Noelle & Clive for dinner some time ago. Was kinda sad that Huixin, Joey, and Shenny couldn't make it this time round cuz of last min stuff. :( But nvm, there's always next time. :D

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Come to think of it, I think my life now like very boring eh! I've tweeted this before, that I kinda lost the feel to post anything on instagram anymore. You see, I've deleted my photos all the way till less than 20 left. Not sure why though, I think I've sorta lost interest already. But who knows right? Maybe this feeling is just temporary.

Aites, I guess that's about it. Till the next post.

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