22 March 2015

America's Next Top Model Cycle 22

Hello there!
After about 3 months, ANTM is back once again with another season of boys VS girls!

So yesterday was the runway for the cast of cycle 22 at Hollywood. And many were there to support their favorites! (How I wish I can just book a plane and fly there! LOL)


Tyra had her new pixie haircut and its oh so gorgeous!!! I think she can pull off any kind of hairstyle!!! Also, from the picture below, you can also see that Kelly Cutrone and Yutsai is once again back at the judging panel.

11081485_805974399451719_4545678220777847410_n 10559654_805972056118620_7677194935261284547_n

So anyways, here's a sneak peek of some of the semi finalists of this cycle strutting their stuff on the runway. Video credits to

We have Miss J strutting her stuff on 3:57 and the contestants walking the runway at 5:30. And there's this guy (I think its Justin Kim, or is it Peter Park? He made a mistake by walking back instead of getting off the runway at 6:38. LOL! Kinda funny IMO)

Here are some of the semi finalists for this season. Which one are you rooting for? For me, my favorite would definitely be Shelbi, Abryanna, James, Michael and this Asian guy called Justin Kim. Cuz you rarely see any Asian on ANTM! Hahahah!

Semi finalist girls Semi finalist


And if you guys remember at Cycle 21, there's this guy called Brandon which sorta make some nasty remarks for his audition clip previously. But this time round, he's back and now a semi finalist for the cast of Cycle 22. But will he make it to the top model house?


Now I'm really excited and I can't wait for the premiere to be up on TV.
Till the next post. Ciao~

Photo of the runway event credits to: @MichelleMockCasting

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