01 March 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

Hello everybodehh! Happy Chinese New Year to all. How's everyone's new year so far? Mine's pretty much mundane as usual. LOL! But here's a compilation of the outfits for my CNY!

You know how for the past few years when instagram is "hot" among the social media enthusiasts??? On the eve of CNY, you will see plenty of steamboat pictures flooding your instagram feed. LOL?! And on day 1 of CNY you will eventually see everyone becoming a model with their OOTDS. Hahaha!

For me, I didn't really do anything on day 1 nor post the steamboat pictures on instagram. But I did join in the OOTD game luh!!! Hahahah! Say real one, on day 1 my feed was literally FLOODED with my followings OOTD pictures but I'm not complaining, because I really liked seeing what others are wearing to get inspiration... "SOMEHOW"... Hahah!

A P2200041_副本
A photo of my pap and lao ma zi ♥

I know you guys wouldn't want to hear the story of how and what I did during the house visits. I mean, every year is pretty much the same??? But as I grow older, I kinda lost the feel of CNY already. Cause, year by year, I think I'm going to lesser and lesser places for house visits. and its kinda sad actually. I still remember when I was younger, I used to go house visiting on day 1 and it will always be packed and my family will be going to lots and lots of relative's houses. But now.... :(

Okay! Nuff said. Here's my outfit for day 2.

A P2200044_副本 A P2200048_副本
A P2200053_副本

On Day 3
My family went to my uncle's place (my dad's side), and we practically stayed there for the entire day. Hahaha! It was fun, cuz the whole family played blackjack and mahjong. It was a great catching up. Even though I didn't really talk to my cousins. LOLOL!

Fam photo

I was playing black jack and initially on a winning streak. But I ended up losing all my winnings and also my capital. :(((
But okay la, its once in a year anyways, and its for the fun of it. ^.^

Here's my outfit for Day 3

A P2210072_副本
A P2210073_副本

Wore the Garfield pullover that I saw at Forever21. I guess its love at first sight? LOL! Cause I really really love it so much!!! It's really comfortable and the material is very thin and you won't be dying out under the humid sun. :D

A P2210082_副本

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