27 August 2016

Teenage Gorgeous You 2016 Finals

Top 2

A few days back I attended the Teenage Gorgeous You 2016 finals to support both Benjamin (@benvoda) and Cheow Yi (@cheowster). In case you're new here, I've blogged about how much I look up to them as my competitor back then before I drop out of the competition. Link here:

Its pretty sad that I had to drop out of the competition due to my work commitment but nevertheless, I'm glad that I was able to give Ben a helping for one of his challenges. (:

When they announced Ben as the 1st runner up, I was a tad nervous cuz I really hope and wanted Cheow Yi to take home the grand prize, cuz she really put in ALOT of effort into her blog posts. And when the host announced her as the winner, I was overjoyed. Like a proud daddy seeing his daughter top the whole cohort.

Overall, I'm really really proud of Ben and Cheow Yi for coming out as the top 2 winners for this year's TGY Social Challenge. At least you guys won it fair and square. Unlike some people who had to buy their likes to act as though they have a lot of followers engagement when OBVIOUSLY most of their likes are fake. Urghh! I can't even!!! -.-

P/S: Don't mind me, but I feel a bit unfair to the rest of the contestants who really give it their all and effort for all the challenges. #JustSaying

Tiramisu Hero

Dinner with Ben and Angie at Tiramisu Hero and I must say, we nearly died waiting for our food there cuz it was served SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!

The 3 of us talked for quite a bit and was so glad that this whole TGY thing is over. Hahaha! And TBH, Ben and I were only online friends till the day we decided to meet out for his 313 @ Somerset challenge. Hahaha!!! I know.... How can right?!?!?! But yea, #SadTruth

I mean, we both know one another's existence but just didn't meet in real life. We only talked via our social media and thats all. But we do have alot of mutual friends cuz #BLOGGERS. Hahahahaha!!!

Ending this post with my outfit for that day. Ben says that I wore until sibei formal for the event itself. Hahahaha!!!

OOTD white_background

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