07 April 2013

Crazyass People At Chalet

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This is a super belated post, cuz I was busy for the whole month of March for CNOS2 contest, and hardly have time to blog about my own happenings...

Soo yea, now I finally have all the time in the world to blog!! YAY ME!

On 7th March 2013

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Jiayu was kind enough to book for us the chalet first, and yes! Ever since I graduated form ITE and admitted to Polytechnic, I've never expect to have class/clique outing or whatsoever!

But to my surprise! These bitches proved me wrong! HAHAHA! ♥ Them to bits!

The ever awesome MooiSuen with her Boyfiee! Thanks for all the non-stop cooking for us!! ♥

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The hardworking Mellysa trying "VERY HARD" to cook for us! A+ for her effort!!! :D

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Here's me trying to test out Jiayu's DSLR, cuz she's lending it to me for my CNOS blogposts and stuff, imma noob and I don't know how to use a DSLR at that point of time! had so much difficulties learning how to use it!!! :(

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Here's Mellysa and Me *GLAM-LY* lying behind...

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Testing with the DSLR's ability to do the *BOKEH* effect! "FAILED"!!!

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Here's a video of Me and Mellysa, trying to "PUA" stunts!

I think both me and her are super *HIGH* at that point of time!!! TSKTSK

Yea credits to videographer: Yongqin "who bring almost nothing there.

And also Mellysa for non stop dancing! Think she's uber high!!! -.-!!!

Soon! It's near midnight, and the girls + MooiSuen's boyfiee are still cooking! HOMAIGAWDD!

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THE NIGHT ENDED with us watching The Last Exorcism and Haunting of Connecticut, all of us were practically screaming and hugging and SQUEEZING AT 1 SPOT of the room itself!!!!

Had so much laughter (during the squeezing and trying to find space part)!
HAHAHAHAHA! All of us looked real silly at that point of time!!! LOL!

Slept at 6am-ish and had to wake up at 9am++ to wash up and prepare for checkout at 10.30am!!!

All of us looked like a total zombie the next day!!!

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Had Mcdies for Breakfast! :D

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Here are some random shots cuz at that point of time I'm still trying very hard to figure how to use the DSLR!!! :/

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 photo DSC_0089.jpg
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View of Pasir Ris HBD's!

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Now to end off this post with a photo of my tertiary pass! :D

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