15 April 2013

Food Tasting @ Suntec City (Food Republic)

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So recently I was invited by OMY to attend a food tasting event over at the newly renovated/opened Food Republic outlet at Suntec City!


Met TiffanyWong at CityHall MRT Station first, cuz I was too shy to go there by myself, but nevertheless, I met new friends over there too! People like Malcolm, Jane, and Christina!! :D

So back to the topic!
We were given 19 dishes to try out and some of the dish are really out of my expectations! I mean, for me, I didn't really expect much from Food Republic but yea, they really proved me wrong!

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Just a little information for you guys: Food Republic has this "Hawker Kings", and its back this year!!!

It is actually to motivate existing food operators and enhance their offerings to the public. This campaign will seek to draw out TOP THREE contenders of Food Republic best hawkers through stages of voting and judges' final taste test.

There will be mystery shoppers to taste and try out their food from Food Republic outlets all over Singapore, then, the public (YOU GUYS) will vote to see who will be SINGAPORE'S NEXT TOP FOOD REPUBLIC HAWKER KING out of the selected top 10 food outlets!


Voters will be rewarded with instant privileges and they could stand a chance to win up to $8000 worth of prizes!!!!

You can look up to , or you can even check out their Facebook page at OR for more details. :))

-Here are some tenants that are new to Food Republic and is only available at the new Suntec food atrium. They are:

1) Saravanaa Bhavan
2) Thunder Tea Rice (only in Vivocity and Suntec)
3) Gu Zao Mian
4) Zhong Hua Curry Rice
5) Baek Doo San Korean
6) Shoku Okini



First up!

1) We have the Chinatown Tan's Tutu

The ones that we tried are the Coconut flavored and the Peanut Flavored. Selling at 70Cents each! For me, I feel that it's really considered affordable for the amount you're paying and the food you get!

Both are equally nice, but most of us preferred the Coconut flavored one though, cuz it has a unique taste to it! :D

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 photo P4110228.jpg

 photo P4110231.jpg

2) Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice Set Meal - $6.50

Try it, to know it! :))

 photo P4110235.jpg

3) Chai's Original Sliced Fish Soup

Bittergourd Double Fish Bee Hoon Soup - $5.00

I kinda love the soup, eventhough I'm not a sliced fish soup kinda person, the taste makes me feel very homely, like its cooked by my own mum! HAHA!

Like its a must eat when you're feeling sick kinda thing!!! ♥

 photo P4110247.jpg

Silly things that we do while waiting for our food to arrive! LOL! @TiffanyWong!!!

 photo P4110249.jpg

4) Yong Soon Dough Fritters

Soya Bean & You Tiao - $2.60

The perfect food for breakfast! Taste super nice, especially when you dip the You Tiao with the Soya Bean!!! ♥

 photo P4110257.jpg

 photo P4110256.jpg

Here's a gif of me, capture by MissyTiffany herself! HAHAHA!
She manage to capture a photo of me rolling my eyes! HAHAHAHA!

Here's a official "CHIO" one! LOL!!!

 photo P4110261.jpg

Eunice with her SUPER LONG You Tiao! ♥

 photo P4110265.jpg

5) Saravanaa Bhavan

Special Dosa (Tosai) with Masala - $4.60

Love it that they have a variety of sauces for you to dip with your Dosa (Tosai)! ♥

 photo cats-4.jpg
 photo P4110272.jpg

6) Ya Fu Mini Wok Delights

Kung Pao Chicken Rice - $6.00

MAJOR LOVE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS TO TRY THIS! Their chicken is simply delicious!!!

 photo P4110277.jpg

7) Thunder Tea Rice

Thunder Tea Brown Rice - $5.50

This is more of a Hakka traditional food, the brown rice is hidden below the ingredients, what you need to do is POUR ABIT of the green tea to the dish, and mix in properly. :))

 photo P4110286.jpg

Here's Yingzi pouring THE WHOLE GREEN TEA into the dish! HUGE MISTAKE! LOLOLOLOL!!!

 photo P4110287.jpg

8) Formasa Delights

Dao Xiao Mian - $6.00

 photo P4110295.jpg

The reason why its called "Dao Xiao Mian" Knife Cut Noodles is because its a handmade noodles on the spot by the chef!

Here's a gif of the chef demonstrating to us!

9) Gu Zao Mian

No. 1 Kway Tiao - $6.00

 photo P4110298.jpg

10) Zhong Hua Curry Rice

Curry Chicken - $5.00

 photo P4110302.jpg

11) Guan Chee HK Roasted Duck

5 Combination Platter (Duck, Char Siew, Pork, Chicken & Sausage - $28.00

Worth the price, and best if you're having a family dinner! Cuz I'm a meat lover, and so this dish is like one of my favorite!!! ♥♥♥

 photo P4110316.jpg

12) Baek Doo San Korean

Seafood Tofu Soup - $6.80

Love the soup! If you're a fan of Tom Yum, you should really try this dish! AND LOOK AT THE EGG!!!!! ♥♥♥

 photo P4110317.jpg

13) What You Do Prata

Chicken Briyani Set - $5.50

I kinda find their shop name unique! Haha! Definitely capture the attention of those blur sotongs that doesn't know what to eat when they're there! :D

 photo P4110318.jpg
 photo P4110319.jpg

14) Miso japanese

Chicken Teriyaki & Salmon Bento - $6.80

Love their Teriyaki Chicken! Eventhough I'm not a fan of grilled salmon, but check that out!!!
Salivating much?!!!

 photo P4110321.jpg
 photo P4110320.jpg

15) Fortune Food

Popiah - $2.00

We were given the one with chilli and also the one without. If you're a chilli lover, I highly recommend you to get the one with chilli, cuz its REALLY SPICY! No kidding!!!

If not, just get the one without chilli, but with no doubt, the one with chilli will taste nicer! What you need to do is just spam water after eating it! HAHA!

 photo P4110322.jpg

16) Fu Lin Yong Tofu

6pcs Meal - $5.50

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17) Toast Box

Peanut Butter Thick Toast - $1.70 (ala carte)


 photo P4110325.jpg

18) Gazza Pasta

Spaghetti Creamy Mushroom & Salmon - $6.80

Pasta lovers, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!

 photo P4110328.jpg

19) Shoku Okinia

Kushikatsu 7-Stick Set - $24.50

 photo P4110329.jpg
 photo P4110331.jpg
 photo P4110333.jpg


That concludes the dishes that we tried for the food tasting @ Food Republic Suntec City.

Overall, I find that it will be nice dining over here with your friends or families, if not for this food tasting event, I wouldn't have know that Food Republic has stalls that sells PASTAS!!

This food tasting event is definitely an eye opener for me! Thank you so much for this opportunity! ♥

Thank you Alvin, Eunice and Jesslyn for having me there! :D

Now, I shall end this post with a group photo!

 photo P4110339.jpg

Cheers! dOnnlicious`

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