22 April 2013

Presenting My New E-PL5!!!

So Recently! I won myself a E-PL5 from the CNOS2, proudly sponsored by Olympus and Cineleisure! Thank you guys so much for choosing me as the runner up!!!

Its like, finally I have a new and updated camera!!! Not like those outdated 2008 camera!!! Teehee! But I'll still use my Canon Powershot E1 on certain occasions la! ♥


With new camera, there's definitely some testing out to do! HAHA! YES! I played with my E-PL5 a little bit, and took some pictures with it! So this post is just gonna be a picture spamming post! :))

So lets not wait anymore! Here goes!!!

 photo P4030005.jpg
 photo P1010059.jpg
 photo P4050188.jpg
 photo P1010060.jpg
 photo P4040107.jpg

The awesome fish nuggets and Japan curry cooked by Mellysa when we went for her house warming partaye! :D

 photo P4040070.jpg
 photo P4040087.jpg
 photo P4040095.jpg

The pizzas that Mooisuen bought! :D

 photo P4040072.jpg
 photo P4040073.jpg
 photo P4040074.jpg

One good thing about this camera that I love is that it can do the *BOKEH* effect till very nice! Super love it!!!

 photo P4040137.jpg
 photo P1010056.jpg
 photo P1010058.jpg
 photo P4050189.jpg
 photo P4040155.jpg
 photo P4040129.jpg
 photo P4040143.jpg

2 Photo Of My Dog ♥

 photo P1010067.jpg
 photo P1010066.jpg

Now ending this post with a selca!!! :D

 photo P4050200.jpg

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