02 May 2013

Celebrate Mother's Day With Delifrance

[Sponsored Event]

Thanks to Christina ( I get to attend the very special event hosted by CROWD and DelifranceSG!

 photo P4270798.jpg

It was a event catered to mostly parent bloggers (Daddies), and the only unmarried/single ones there is Me, Christina, Tiffany and DarrenSim.... *Sit one corner and emo*


I was the first to reach *KIASU ME* and one by one, the daddy bloggers came!

 photo P4270820.jpg

Seeing parent bloggers over there makes me feel like getting married and have my own kids! HAHAHA! A few years later maybe?! LOLOLOL!

I'll go *AWWWW" whenever I see look at this photo below! Taken by *ERHEM* YoursTruly! ♥

 photo P4270817.jpg

There were also food for us as well! :D

 photo P4270818.jpg
 photo P4270824.jpg

So here's Darren explaining to us what this event is about...

 photo P4270825.jpg


We're required to make a mini cake out of clay that resembles the actual cake from Delifrance's Sweet Surprises For Mums!

 photo P4270821.jpg

 photo P4270829.jpg

This is the only time where you get to see my in Chef's hat!

 photo P4270830.jpg

The instruction sheet. Initially I was so confused by it, cuz I really have trouble understanding it, but thank god the lady that teaches us how to make the clay was there to help me!

 photo P4270835.jpg

Pretty Christina! :D

 photo P4270838.jpg

With Tiffy! Just being us! Bloggers love to camwhore with random things! HAHAHA!

 photo P4270834.jpg


Here's the end result of my mini clay cake carrdholder! ♥

I know!!! Mine doesn't resembles the actual cake at all.... :(((

 photo P4270847.jpg

Then Tiffany and Christina added salt to my wound by saying my mini clay cake cardholder looks mored like a proposal ring than the actual cake! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

 photo P4270843.jpg

The Daddy Bloggers!

 photo P4270848.jpg

US! The Singlehoodies!

 photo P4270851.jpg

Thank to CROWD and Delifrance, I get to bring the "Gift Of Love" home to surprise my mom!

Le Happy Mom, Sis, and I ♥

 photo cats.jpg


Just Some Info For You Guys!

Delifrance's Sweet Surprise For Mums

Make this Mother's Day a day to remember for the most important woman in your life by surprising your mom or the mother of your child with a delightful Delifrance cake designed specially for this meaningful occasion.

Gift Of Love

 photo GiftofLove.jpg

This rich chocolate cake oozes with hazelnut praline, Belgium chocolate mousse, and is drenched in velvety chocolate ganache.

The bright red petite French macarons remind us of a blossoming garden of bright red roses, which will surely bring smiles to your mom. Seal the deal with a chocolate ribbon on top!

Price: $42.80 (approx. 700g)


Garden Of Love

 photo GardenofLove.jpg

This refreshing vanilla mango yoghurt mousse cake is fluffy, smooth and creamy.

It is coated with white chocolate, and decked in bright chocolate sunflowers that will bring cheer to your mom's day.

A dainty butterfly perched atop the cake symbolizes a mother's gentle and beautiful nature.

Price: $42.80 (Approx. 700g)

Blossom Of Love

 photo BlossomofLove.jpg

Give mom a surprise with this flower pot with a sweet twist.

This unique creation is made of delicious chocolate-coated cake.

Make your mom's day by showing her your appreciation for her unconditional love with these blooming macarons and chocolate petals!

"Blossom Of Love" comes with a choice of vanilla cake with a zesty filling or chocolate cake with rich chocolate Philadelphia cream cheese.

Price: $12.80 per pc (approx. 250g)


Delifrance's Mother's Day cakes will be available at all Delifrance bakery cafes islandwide (except bake-off at Siglap Centre, Coronation Plaza and Chancery Court) from 19 April 2013 onwards. Two working days advance ordering shall be required for "Gift of love and "Garden of Love". Last day of ordering shall be 9 May 2013.

Prices and iterms may subject to changes without prior notice. Pictures are for reference only.

Booking hotline: 6874 9622 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm)

For more information, you can check out Delifrance's website at


Delifrance Mother's Day Instagram Contest!

 photo P5010981.jpg

Submit a photo featuring your mom on Instagram with a caption telling them how endearing your mom is and hashtag the entry with #delifrancesg, and you can win 3x$100 Delifrance Dining Vouchers!

 photo P5010994.jpg
 photo P5011000.jpg


Contest Duration: 1st May to 12th May 2013

Three winners will be notified via instagram on 15th May 2013!

 photo P5011001.jpg


They wouldn't be able to see accounts that are private, so yea! Remember to unprivate your instagram account! GOODLUCK EVERYONE!!! :D

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