11 May 2013


[20th April 2012]

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The day where the CNOS2 bloggers gathered and potluck-ed at Marina Barrage!!!

Met Angie Gie beforehand and DAYUUM the camera is focusing on her instead of meee!!!! Pfft!

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One by one people came, and we started opening all our food!!!

 photo P4200717.jpg
 photo P4200718.jpg

Here are some of the food that the talented CNOS peeps made!

 photo P4200702.jpg

Sandwiches by Damien aka UncleTehPeng

 photo P4200706.jpg

Crepes by Angie aka YourApplePie

 photo P4200711.jpg

Snacks by Jasmineeee :))

 photo P4200701.jpg

I forgot what's this called

Its some pizza puff, and its made by JoJo aka Chesabell!!! :D

 photo P4200713.jpg

Natalie's Cupcakes!

 photo P4200708.jpg

Twelve Cupcakes by XueLing :))

 photo P4200709.jpg

HotDogs by Vivian

 photo P4200705.jpg

Potato Salad by Clinton

 photo P4200707.jpg

Pammie's Korean Rice Cakes! THIS TASTE MARVELOUS!!!

 photo P4200715.jpg

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings by Yourstruly! *FLICKS* Hahaha!

 photo P4200699.jpg

Lava Cakes by Joey, proudly sponsored by SMOULDER!

 photo P4200710.jpg

Smoulder Lava Cakes are made without any preservatives, and are carefully handmade using premium ingredients. The cakes stay molten at room temperature. There are almost no air pockets in them, so you definitely can taste the full flavour at it's best!


It meltzzzz in your mouth!!!! You can read Joey's Blog regarding SMOULDERS as well! :D

Smoulder: Softcore Bakers

China Square Food Centre
51 Telok Ayer Street #01-04,
S048441, Singapore
Phone: 6225 6422
Opening Hours—Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #B1-68,
S179103, S92ingapore
Phone: 6338 0661
Opening Hours—Open Daily, 11am to 10pm

For more information, visit:



Natalie with her torn socks! XPPP!

 photo P4200725.jpg

Le Me Flying Le Kite!

Credits to JoJo who have helped me to take all these pictures!!! :D


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 photo P4200738.jpg
 photo P4200739.jpg
 photo P4200736.jpg
 photo P4200732.jpg
 photo P4200744.jpg
 photo P4200742.jpg
 photo P4200769.jpg

A snapshot of Damien taking photo of bimbotic Natalie and Jasmine! HAAHHA!

 photo P4200768.jpg

Ziwei, Angie and Noelle!

 photo P4200775.jpg

Clinton busy rolling the stings for the kite!

 photo P4200773.jpg

Ending this post with a group photo!

 photo P4200780.jpg

I kinda missed how things used to be during the CNOS times!!! The days where we chiong our posts till late night!! :(((

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