25 May 2013

School! Field Trip!

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21 May 2013!

School was getting better, I guess? Just gonna post some pictures of me and my classmates :D

Photo credits to AGNES for this awesomely nice picture! Hahaha!

 photo P5211368.jpg

Featuring Hafizah's signature double chin look! Hahah!

 photo P5211381.jpg

Here's steffi trying to imitate her! Hahahaha!

 photo P5211379.jpg

Featuring Agnes's Dr Marten! :D

 photo P5211371.jpg

After that!

We had to do some field work for our projects, therefore we split up into groups of 2! I went with Hafizah to Bugis area to do some research.

 photo P5211389.jpg

I feel that we went shopping more than doing research! Hahaha! But anyways, we did do finish what was needed to be done, so yea! We can't be doing field work AT BUGIS RIGHT?!!! After all, its BUGIS!!! Hahahah!

Walked around and saw this MMPR Shirt! Its PINK RANGER!!!!!! ♥

 photo P5211391.jpg

Guess whose sexy leg is this?!!!

 photo P5211392.jpg
 photo P5211395.jpg



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 photo P5211394.jpg
 photo P5211396.jpg

Aftet that, we went on to get KOI! Was craving for it since don't know when!

 photo P5211398.jpg
 photo P5211400.jpg

Then! We went on to do our second shop of the day! ADIDAS!

 photo P5211405.jpg
 photo P5211407.jpg

After we're done with ADIDAS! We then head back to Bugis Junction to do on our last shop, which is Converse!

While on our way back, we saw some limited edition Instax cameras! MAD CHIO CAN!!!

 photo P5211412.jpg
 photo P5211416.jpg

When we're done with Converse, we then head down to the basement to find some quick bites, we ended up getting Takoyaki!!! :D

 photo P5211429.jpg

After that! We still feel that its kinda early, so we thought of going to Bugis Street to do some WINDOW SHOPPING! Yes! Initially it was window shopping, but I just couldn't control, and end up spending $30++ over there, just to get the feel of satisfaction for spending money! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

 photo P5211437.jpg

This is what Hafizah does, when I'm trying out my clothes while she's getting her hands on my camera! Hahahaha!

 photo P5211440.jpg


That sort of sums of everything for this post! I'm thankful to have Hafizah as a classmate/friend, and also, thank you for accompanying me for the whole entire day! :D

Cheers! dOnnlicious`

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