27 May 2013

Its Friday! Its Friday! Gotta Get Down On Friday!

 photo P5231445.jpg

A photo with my 3rd sis before I leave house!

P/S: I think my hair too nice, thats why I asked my sis for a photo! HAHAAHAHA!

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Sis with my dog, haha! The reason why my dog's mouth was covered is because she keeps biting her own leg and leading to her having swollen legs!!! pffft! Such a naughty girl!!! Haha!

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Had a 2 hours lesson in school and off to Cineleisure to meet HuixinHuixin and Clinsie for dindinz! Had BFF before Clinsie came! I don't know why, like buying BFF is like a MUST whenever I go Cineleisure! Hahaha! Its highly addictive I guess! Xp!

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 photo P5231451.jpg
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 photo P5231463.jpg

Le happy me! :D

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While eating, Huxin and I was like craving for Chwee Kueh! And so she went ahead buying it, not until when I told her I'll share it with her, cuz she refuse to go buy if I'm not. Hahah! Whats more, the Chwee Kueh is quite cheap leh! $1.50 for 6pcs!

 photo P5231457.jpg
 photo P5231459.jpg


Since Clinsie have not reach yet, so me and huixin went on to do some shopping first! :D

Bought a top and bottom from Frederic Sai! Wootwoots!

 photo P5231468.jpg

Then when Clinsie came! Went on to have dinner at Avenue Bistro! ♥

 photo P5231466.jpg
 photo P5231464.jpg
 photo P5231465.jpg

The three of us all ordered Root Beer Float!

 photo P5231470.jpg
 photo P5231472.jpg

And also Mozarella Cheesesticks with Salsa Sauce!

This is a MUST to order whenever you dine at Avenue Bistro!!!

 photo P5231476.jpg

You can also request for more salsa sauce if you feel that its too little! :D

 photo P5231477.jpg
 photo P5231481.jpg


 photo P5231480.jpg
 photo P5231482.jpg

Here comes the food!

 photo P5231484.jpg
 photo P5231487.jpg
 photo P5231489.jpg

Then ending off the day with Starbucks and some chillax session!!!

 photo P5231490.jpg

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