28 May 2013

What's Blogging To You?

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To me blogging is just bringing writing a diary to a whole new level. Like with blogs, I can now post not only words but pictures and videos online as well. Sharing it with my friends and stuff.

But recently

If you guys have followed my blog, I recently decided to take blogging a little more seriously after winning Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation version 2.0 back at the month of March 2013 as the 1st Runner Up.

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Here's me and the ever adorable and blubbly QiuQiu aka BongQiuQiu!

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It's kinda depressing when you feel that you're the most useless among the winners and that you have to work twice or even ten times harder than the rest in order to keep up with the pace. Also, when you see that the results was not what the effort you've put in, you tend to get pretty annoyed as well. Like! Why am I getting such results when I've put in so much effort in whatever I do? Am I really that bad?!!! That's what I've always asked myself...


I've also been getting sponsorships for hair and nails and etc. As much as I would love to get many sponsorships, there are times whereby I feel that this little blog of mine can't really do much into helping the sponsors gaining their business, so why be thick skinned and go ask them for longterm sponsorships? It's like, they don't really gain anything from my blog, do they?

Adding on

Recently, my sis friend wanted to sponsor me her product *Herbal Life*, which will kinda help me in losing weight, I REJECTED IT!, partly because I don't think my blog will help much in promoting her product, and also, it requires commitment, and I don't think I'm someone who can be committed in losing weights. So yea. I'm sorry.... :'(

Apart from that

I would like to thank Clare from Clare's Hair Spa and Mynt (Myntelicious) from Myntefingers for taking interest at my blog and willing to be my sponsors...


I would like to end this post off with these 2 bitches! Its them who inspired me to write this blogpost!

SlutRedz FTW!

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Till then!
Cheers! dOnnlicious`

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  1. Actually I feel the same way as you leh..... ;( like good but not good enough. but i'm sure your hard work will pay off some day!!!