18 June 2013


[15th June 2013, Saturday]

Was at Eighteen Chefs with the CNOS peeps for food tasting early in the morning! After that, Me and Angie went down to VIVO City to meet Fenny and Joyce, also to help Joyce do her shoot for a advertorial! :D

A photo of my hair! Love it when people compliment me saying that my hair is nice! ♥

 photo P6150026.jpg

Before proceeding to the beach for Joyce's shoot, she needed a place to sit down and do her makeup! Just nice that me and fenny are hungry, so we had a quick bite over at McDonalds while Joyce do her makeup.

 photo P6150045.jpg


 photo P6150039.jpg
 photo P6150040.jpg

Sadly, the new Wasabi sauce is not my liking, don't really like wasabi and never will! LOL! But the Honey Mustard is NICE!!!! :D

 photo P6150041.jpg
 photo P6150044.jpg

Settled the shoot at Tanjong Beach

Had quite a hard time finding the "perfect" place to do the shoot, cuz of the people around. But we manage to find a pretty good spot. Haha!

A shot of Joyce the model and Fenny the hardworking photographer!

 photo P6150050.jpg

Here's a sneak preview! Haha!

 photo P6150059.jpg

So what did I do?


 photo P6150049.jpg
 photo P6150046.jpg

After we're done with the shoot

We wash up and took the beach tram back to beach station! And met Jiaqi and Andy for dindinz after that! :D

 photo P6150082.jpg


Shall end this post off with a photo of the 3 of us! ♥

 photo P6150080.jpg

Fenny maintain please! Hahahaha!

Cheers! dOnnlicious`

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