25 June 2013

The Optique of Tomorrow

[19 June 2013, Wednesday]

Was invited by Evelyn to attend to new opening of T.O.T. also known as The Optique of Tomorrow, located at JEM! Thanks Evelyn! ♥

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Awhile later when I arrived at T.O.T. The Managing Director of Nanyang Optical Co. Pte Ltd, Mr. Bernard Yang was telling us more about the range of spectacles/sunglasses that T.O.T has to offer.

Mr. Bernard joined Nanyang Optical business since 1996, and he has close to two decades of industry experience, in the year 2000, he co-started the distribution arm, Eye-Biz Pte Ltd, and through the years, brought the business from Singapore and Malaysia onto the global stage, mapping out distribution footprints from Asia to Europe and then finally, United States.

Besides retail and business management, Mr. Bernard utilized his technical know-how and innovative market sensitivities to help launch four proprietary brands, starting up with Urband in 2006, followed by Glossi, Linkskin and Eyelet. In addition, Bernard spearheaded the new business of providing safety eyewear to an untapped consumer segment.

Under his leadership, Nanyang Optical is now introducing The Optique of Tomorrow, T.O.T., a new retail brand dedicated to edgy designer eyewear to cater to a widened consumer base.

We were also allowed to try on all the eyewear that is available in the shop! Here's me and Joyce camwhoring!

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T.O.T. sells eyewear from many different brands such as Tart Optical which symbolizes the good old American style frame in black, dark tortoise and smoke grey which was worn by James Dean in the 1950s and popularized by Johnny Depp starring in the movie Secret Window.

Glossi is another favourite brand worn by celebrities, its known for its unique coating on the frame front that creates kaleidoscope of colors. An exclusive brand at T.O.T., which was also the one that I got as a media gift, was worn by Joe Perry, singer of Aerosmith to complete his flamboyant stage presence.

grafik:plastic, which is a Korean brand with a wide selection of striking frame-fronts and temples which can be pieced together in numerous variations. grafik:plastic is also well-loved for is versatility by K-Pop stars such as Big Bang, 2NE1 and Wondegirls.

Carrera, designed to showcase racing as an attitude for people who live to their limit.

For those who seek for casual chic eye pieces that compliment their way of life, there is WOOW which take a fun and quirky spin on design.

February 31st, this brand of eyewear uses wood to result in a profound lightness and comfort level for wearer. To encourage wearers to inject fun and their own personality, these spectacles which are available exclusively at T.O.T. allow for customization of various colors for your frame front and temples.

Urban is another exclusive label which invented the use of a patented S-clip to lock the frame front to the temples in replacement of conventional screws and soldering, thus improving on durability and flexibility of the spectacle frame.

Look at the variety of eyewear to choose from! I'm so spoilt fo choice!!!

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The colors of the wood for customization for February 31st eyewear!

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Here are the product brand thst T.O.T. carry in their shop!

1. Tart Optical, 2. February 31st, 3. Lafont

4. Glossi, 5. Urband, 6. Retrosuperfuture

7. Carrera, 8. WOOW, 9. grafik:plastic

10. Frency & Mercury, 11. Wonder Glasses, 12. Bearbrick

13. Etnia Barcelona, 14. Eye Func, 15. Subcrew (not included in the photo below)

16. KIKSTYO, 17. Superdry, 18. Paul Frank

19. Ethereal, 20. Traction Productions

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Here's a photo with Mr. Bernard! :D

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All you have to do is just click on this link, then click on "Are You Spectacular". and upload a photo of yourself and decorate it!


*Prizes are proudly sponsored by Glossi and Essilor



T.O.T. is located at JEM, #03-43, (right opposite Sushi Tei, and beside Robinsons)

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