03 June 2013

Time For Some Selfies

To be honest, I've don't usually take pictures of myself and upload it on my blog immediately, normally I will wait till some time then I'll do it. But today is an exception! Hahaha!

 photo P6031801.jpg

There's so much that happened recently, school projects, mid-sem tests and friends birthdays, its all coming in together! If you guys don't know me yet, I'm the kind of person that CANNOT handle stress one! I will really break down one!!!


I've been having some friends relationship issues as well. I don't know if its just me, but I feel drifted from my all my friends, and also I've been really emotional lately. Like when my friends ignores me or give me attitude, I will feel not important at all, or maybe its just my moodswing acting up. Like one by one, my friends all asked me to go away, and I feel that I'm not worthy or a friend to them. Or maybe its just me feeling insecure about myself....

P/S: Sometimes, I do feel that I'm really ugly myself, maybe even most of the times.... :'(

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That aside

If you guys have been following my twitter, follow now if you haven't! Hahaha! You guys would know that I'm currently doing a new blogskin with my web designer! Shall not reveal too much yet, but kudos to Damien aka UncleTehPeng, we manage to get it at a discounted price! Reason being, we tried veryvery hard persuading the web designer to give us a package as we both are doing our new blogskin together! YAY US!!! So do keep a look out yea!

 photo P6031819.jpg

This photo above makes me look as though I have no neck! :(((


I'm really sorry to those who are waiting for my *ABOUT ME* blogpost to be out, sorry, I think I will post it together with my new blogskin when its done. Can't wait to show you guys! Hahaha! But since you guys have already waited so long, I shall do a short about me at this post! :D

 photo P6031845.jpg

1. My name is Gao Wei Liang Don! YES *DON* IS MY REAL NAME! Haha! Cuz some people thought my name is Donovan or Donny or Donxzxzxz whichever you call it then I make it short to DON so that my friends can remember my name easily, BUT NO! My name is really Don!

And *GAO* is my Chinese surname and *KOH* is my English, but I have no idea why my Chinese & English surname is *GAO*. Just for your info, my Dad's name is called Koh Hing, and his Chinese name is called *Gao Xing* in English is called HAPPY!!! But my dad doesn't seems to be 24/7 happy though. JustSaying!

2. I have serious allergy against dirty stuff! Be it dirts or dusts or things that has dirt on it. I get immediate rash! Ohyah! I also get heat rash really easily! I KNOW! Sucks to be me! :(((

3. I was supposed to go EM3 right after my P4 Streaming Exam, and my Primary 5 End Year Examinations, but thank god I was posted to EM2, not going too much into details. Haha! But yea, after that I got an aggregate score of 151 for my Primary School Leaving Examinations aka PSLE in short, and I went on to Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Normal Technical Stream. Never regretted it at all! :D

4. Can't think of anymore questions, haha! If you have any questions that would want me to answer, you can simply tweet me on twitter @dOnnlicious! Aiya! I'm sure you guys are smart enough to find a way to communicate with me one la right?!!!

 photo P6031846.jpg

Okay I look like a spoilt brat in the above selca! So now I'm gonna end this post off abruptly with another selfie! Hahaha!


 photo P6031830.jpg

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