25 November 2013

Canon I Want Pixma

This came as a surprised to me actually. I didn't expect myself to win anything at all, until one day, some weeks ago, I was randomly opening my twitter app on my phone, then as I scroll I happen to see a mention from this user called @IWantPixma

 photo Iwantpixmawinner3.jpg

Then the super excited me went to their website to check to see whether it's real or not, cuz it seems like a scam to me, I mean, its too good to be true la! So yea, I went to their website to take a look.

Indeed, I was the winner of the 500th tweet hash tag of #IWantPixma!!! OMG! HOW LUCKY CAN I GET?!!!

I won myself a 2 Day 1 Night stay at W Hotel at Sentosa Cove! I've always wanted to have a staycation of my own and finally Canon Pixma have granted me my wish! YAY!

 photo Iwantpixmawinner.jpg

As I received this joyous news, my friend was beside me, and he was cursing and swearing how "LUCKY" can I get?!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Then I checked my email, and YES! I AM INDEED THE WINNER! HAHAHAHA!

 photo Iwantpixmawinner2.jpg

I can't be greedy and keep asking for more, but I really hope I'll win some cold hard cash from that contest. Hahaha! Now what are you waiting for? Click on the link and watch the video, look out for the questions and answer them on Twitter with the hash tag, #IWantPixma and you can stand a chance to win fantastic prizes!

Not only me, Noelle @NoelleMikazuki was one of last week's winners! I'm so happy for her! I hope all the CNOS peeps will take home the prizes for each week! Hahaha!

Sometimes we do have ladyluck on our side! ^.^

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