18 November 2013

Lab Series at Cineleisure

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Met up with Clinton, Damien and Jourdain for Lab Series event on 9th Nov. Finally get to see Jourdain ever since he went into the army, but most of all, I'm glad to see all the CNOS guys again, as a whole! #AchievementUnlocked

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So during that day, we were brief that the skincare specialists will analyze our skin then do the procedure on how to apply the products onto our skin.

First up is Damien and Jourdain. While they're doing their skin analysis, Clinton and I were interviewed by the emcee, regarding our skin. Like what kind of skin type do we think our face is, Acne, Dry or Oily and etc.

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Soon after, its me and Clinton's turn to get our skin analyzed.
I was super excited to know how my skin is like, and I'm so amazed of my own ability to capture this shot with my own not looking at the camera! :D

*I see what you did there Jourdain*

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Here are the results for my skin analysis! Not too bad! Just that my skin texture is not good. #ReasonsWhyIHatePeopleTouchingMyFace

See! Now my skin texture not good already la! 2/10 only leh!!! ;'(

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So after getting my skin analyzed, the skincare specialist started applying the lab series products on my face. They also explained to me the steps that I need to take and also what effect does it have on my skin after its being applied.

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After they're done with all the procedures, I felt that my skin was more refreshed, in a way. It felt as though my skin had been revitalized.

To sum up the event with a group photo with the emcee and skincare specialists. ♥

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If you guys are interested, but not quite sure whether if you want to buy the products or not, you can always get the trial pack at only $10 at the Lab Series vending machine located right at the entrance of Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.

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Want to win 3 Lab Series trial pack (worth $30)?! 

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