20 November 2013

Playing With Flixels

As many of you have know, or seen America's Next Top Model Cycle 20, most of their images are using flixels. flixels are actually still images that moves la. Hahaha! So yeap! Today I'm gonna be sharing with 2 of the flixels that I did.

I did it using my mobile phone, I tried uploading it on twitter, facebook and instagram but it all doesn't work. #DAMN!

So I took this opportunity to share it on my blog instead. :)

This was taken while I'm waiting for the bus to Woodlands Interchange. Hahaha!
Initially, I had difficulty trying to make the image move, but after several tries, I manage to do it. Hahaha!

Here's 1 taken outside Mandarin Gallery. Saw a bunch of boys having a dance off, so I just whip out my phone and took this. Heehee! :D

Sorry for not blogging religiously, I'm super busy with projects and stuff, so I'm abit tide down. Anyways, a little update about my life.

I'm gonna be watching the premiere of Catching Fire on 20th November! And Ramen Champion food tasting on the 19th November! How awesome! ♥

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