17 November 2013

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Boys & Girls Episode 16 (finale part 2)

Are you guys ready for the last and final episode of America's Next Top Model?!!! If you guys haven't read part 1 of this finale. Click here ->

It all begin with Cory, Jourdan and Marvin getting ready for their final runway, and Tyra came into the backstage together with the rest of the judges, and after hearing their critique, one of them will be eliminated. Right before the fashion show!!!

 photo MarvinandCOry.jpg

Jourdan was the first to move on and will be stomping to the death together with either Marvin or Cory. Then the results were released.

Marvin will be the one competing against Jourdan for America's Next Top Model Cycle 20. I feel kinda sad for Cory at that point of time, to be eliminated right before a highly anticipated runway show is just.... WRONG!!!

 photo 551370_590701950978966_1256415785_n.png

THEN IT WAS THE RUNWAY. But before that, they showed a short film that the top 3 had filmed.

 photo dangerlove.jpg

The top 3 are the ones opening the fashion show, damn! All of them look so fine! And Cory doesn't even look gay at all! Hahah!

 photo Top3.jpg

For once, the previous cycle winner is not the one opening the show! Haha! The rest of the eliminated models are also walking in the fashion show. :D

 photo Runway.jpg

Towards the end of the fashion show, Jourdan planted a kiss on Marvin's lips! Haha! That came as a surprise to Marvin. You guys should totally see his expression after they've kissed.

After the fashion show, the top 2 did a photoshoot with Tyra Banks. The last and final photoshoot for this entire competition.

 photo Jourdan.jpg

 photo marvintyra.jpg

Here's the photo taken with Tyra
Jourdan and Marvin

 photo 1450836_590705204311974_1882328535_n.png  photo 1466257_590877834294711_600183790_n.png

AT PANEL. The judges critique and evaluated Jourdan and Marvin's portfolio throughout the competition and they had a tough decision because both of them really showed potential and have grown so much from the start of the competition.

 photo Panel.jpg

But, there can only be 1 winner. And that winner is....

 photo 1474474_590909070958254_1320962996_n.jpg


 photo 734049_590705117645316_1051752981_n.png


Jourdan Miller is crowned Amercia's Next Top Model of Cycle 20 Guys & Girls!!!

 photo 1455902_590877924294702_222303241_n.jpg


And with that, I've come to the end of my journey of blogging about ANTM Cycle 20. I will definitely miss this. I didn't expect myself to blog about the full 16 episodes of this cycle. Hahaha!

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