19 February 2014

What I Do For Marketing

So hello all! This post is gonna be me sharing the things that I did for my entire Polytechnic year 2 journey in Temasek Polytechnic. Well if you guys don't know, I'm currently studying Diploma in Marketing. I can't say its completely boring or I hate it, its a mixture of good and bad if you'd ask me.

So throughout this whole year, I've had some modules that we had real life clients for our projects, clients such as Samsung, IKEA, Clinique and Lab Series. So when we're coming out with an idea, we will tend to create some videos for our projects, so here are some of it which me and my groupmates have created throughout our year 2 journey.

I'm just sharing the videos that I have done for my school projects. So what you see for the ideas is just purely for project purposes and the brands you see inside is not liable for what is shown. So do take note, this is just for sharing purposes only. Thank you for your understanding.

Creative Campaign Project
For this project, our client is Samsung, and we have to create an event in school to raise awareness of Samsung's galaxy note 10.1, the great thing about this module is that Samsung generously loan us a tablet for each group in every class, and we get to play with it.

So here's the video that me and my groupmates created before the event, our main purpose for the video is to raise awareness and also to get students in school to go to our booth on the day itself.

Next up for component 2 of this project, we're required to come up with 5 ideas and to execute 1 of it. So my group decided on Samsung's Birthday Bash. Actually, we are also time constraint so we just had to make do with what we had at that point of time. So yea.

Advertising & Promotion
One of the module which I look forward to taking. I took this module during semester 2.2, which is recently la. We had to choose the types of media to place our advertisements in one of the component for this project, and my group chose TV Ads. Therefore we have to come up with a "TV Ads" kinda thing for our project presentation, so this is the video that we have come up with.

As you can see, the video above is slightly incomplete, this is because I uploaded the draft onto Youtube instead of the finalized one. But you guys get the idea! It's just the credit part is not done, the video that we did was somehow like what you've seen above.

Now before I end this post.
Here's a video that my group and I did for one of our Creative Campaign Project tutorial. Enjoy~

Harlem Shake x Gentlemen

Sorry for the amateur and bad video quality. 
P/S: I'm not a film or media student. 

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