03 February 2014

Staycation @ W Hotel

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This post is a bit backdated. On the 18th January, went for the staycation that I had won from Canon #IWantPixma contest. If you guys miss it, you can read the post about my win here ->

I asked afew friends to join me for the staycation, and also to catch up with one another la. ^.^

Was suppose to meet at 2pm, but ended up everyone reached Vivo City at 2.30pm++. But Nurul came early, so we decided to head to GIANT to get the things that we need first.

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Look at the amount of things we bought! 7 Bottles of 1.5 litre drinks, 36 small packets of snacks, 2 cans of Pringles, 9 Cup Noodles. CRAZY!!! And its just for 5 people!!!

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Took a cab in to Sentosa Cove instead of walking/taking the shuttle bus because the amount of things we had to carry was..... So yea!

So peaceful and quiet! I RIKEEE!

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The entrance of W Hotel! I was so excited cause it was my first time going into Sentosa Cove, the view is sooooo amazing!!

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Their lobby! ITS HUGEEEEE!

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Checked into our room, and got amazed by everything! Okay la, maybe its just me, cause I very easily contented one! Hahaha!

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The room is so awesome that you can even adjust the lighting to suit your liking. Its like some mood enhancer kind of thing la, I personally think this room is more for couples???

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Movies are also available, but you must pay for it la, the price is stated there for the movie you have selected. For us, we just make do with the channels they have there.

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They also have chargers for all sorts of phones, so you need not worry about not bringing your own. But its always better to have your own la, cuz you'll end up fighting for the charger with your friends. LOLOLOL!!!

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 Necessities that you need! 

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My friend is enjoying every second of her life in this room! Hahaha!

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I also suggested that we have a post X'mas gift exchange just for the fun of it. But we still have 1 more friend that have yet to arrive, so we have to wait for him before we can start our gift exchange. You see the one that is wrapped the most ugly one.... THATS MINE! Hahahaa!

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Having McSpicy and palaying UNO on bed, #EnjoyLife. 

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Right after I instagram a photo saying how much I have longed to be able to have breakfast/lunch/dinner on hotel beds. I receive a call from the hotel's phone, asking me to open the door for his staff to enter my room. I was a bit shocked la, cause I don't know what for, until I open the door.

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I've always wanted to have my breakfasts/lunch/dinner in my hotel room, and it finally came true!!!

There's like Satay, Wonton Mee, Chicken Rice, and Laksa! Shared it with my friends cause I've already had McSpicy! DAMNNN!


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Check out our messy room!

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Soon after, it was night time. Time passes so fast when you're having fun! Went to shower at around 10pm because there's a horror/thriller show on Channel 5 soon after, whats more the show is until 12am+++, and I don't wanna bath at such a late timing, so yea! :D

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Then soon, our friend arrived, at around 11pm++ near 12am. After he was done showering, we began our gift exchange! YAY! The long awaited gift exchange! Hahahaha!

Photo of the gifts that we have gotten, and after we have unwrapped our gifts.

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After that, a few of them went to sleep while I stayed awake to do my work (FREAKING PROJECT!!!)
But it didn't took me long enough to doze off. I was too tired! Hahaha!

Woke up around 8am??? When I saw the morning view, I couldn't help it but to snap a picture of it!!!

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Since we have some time left before check out, I decided to check out the facilities of W Hotel. Together with a friend of course! Hahaha!

When we walk out of the lift, we were greeted by this! Can't help but to take a photo with it! Hahah!

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Located at level 1, there's a lobby, a spa, gym and when you walk further down to the open area, thats where the swimming pool is.

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After exploring the facilities, we then went to have our complimentary breakfast! ♥

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After we had our breakfast, we then went back to our room. Took a few more pictures before checking out!

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But sadly, its time to say goodbye!

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Yeap! That's all for my post on my staycation at W Hotel! Hope you guys enjoyed reading/browsing it! Hahaha! I shall end this post with a selfie! Toodles~

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