16 February 2014

House Visiting @ Yongqin's & Jiayu's

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Day 9 of Chinese Lunar New Year.
Visited Yongqin's house for the first time and we had steamboat! Sort of like a "reunion" dinner for us! Hahaha!

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Look at the amount of food on the table! We ate so much that we couldn't move after that! Yongqin's mum was super generous and funny! Hahahah!

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Played a little bit of blackjack aka "Ban Luck", was on a winning streak but the rest had to call it off cause we were about to get ready to go to Jiayu's house next! DAYUM!!!

Took a group photo before leaving! LOVE THIS PHOTO TAKEN! So family portrait-ish! Hahah!

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Headed to Jiayu's house after that. Did a little pre celebration for Yongqin's 19th birthday! WTF?!!! That was the age when I met/knew them in year 1 of my Polytechnic life!!! T.T

Yongqin was given tasks to do before she was given a clue to the next present that was hidden in Jiayu's house! Kudos to Mellysa and Jiayu for planning it and also Mooi Suen and BF for buying the cake! ^.^

I will definitely not forget about the guessing of my undergarment part! TSKTSK!!!

Look at that happy girl with her Victoria Secret panties! LOLOLOL!!!

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Then, we had round 2 of steamboat after the taxing missions that Yongqin had to do! Hahaha!

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Now ending this post with 2 photos! 2013 CNY and 2014 CNY! I don't think we change much! Hahaha! Missing Chuwen Fu in the 2014 CNY!

2013                                        2014

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I still can't believe that we manage to stay in contact (Most Of Us) till now! ♥
May our friendship grow till eternity~

Hahaha! That's it for this post! Ciao~

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