15 April 2014

Bangkok Travelogue (Day 1)

Hello there everyone!!!  I've finally transferred, edit and uploaded all my Bangkok photos. 

I'm really really excited for this trip with the blogger friends I've met 4 - 5 years ago that we now affectionately call each other "Cousins*".

The planning for the trip was tedious, we had quite a bit of conflict in between but we got everything settled in the end.

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Waited for a cab around 1.30pm - 2pm, and it was drizzling at that point of time. Really hate the fact that when you're not waiting for any cabs, they're there!!! LIKE THERE!!! And when you're waiting for one. NONE OF THEM ARE OF SIGHT!!!

P/S: I will never forget the Kway Chap stall uncle from the coffee shop across my the street stole my cab! _|_

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Arrived at Changi Airport, waited for the rest to arrive and also went to NTUC to get contact lens solution and some bites. While I'm on my way there, I saw KEEKHIMAOOOO!

YEAP! She's currently doing her internship at Changi Airport. "LORD PRAY FOR EVERYONE'S SAFETY!!"

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Our flight was around 5pm, and we checked in our luggage around 3pm+++ (Its better to be kiasu abit when it comes to things like this) LOLOLOLOL!!!

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Had Mcdonald's inside the departure hall. Cuz the rest were like saying you can always come Changi Airport eat but not inside the departure hall. But still.... I end up eating Mcdonald's. BUT THANK GOD I DID!!! Cuz 1 fried kway teow costs $7 !!!! SIAO ONE! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY SIA!!!

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With Yourapplepie and Kaizhi while we're on the travelator to departure gate.

This is the first time ever Kaizhi is going overseas with us. I mean, he seldom hang out with us and the age gap is so huge. But I'm glad that he could make it and join us for this trip. SO AWESOMEZXZX!

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Took a group photo on the plane before we flew off. Kaizhi wasn't in the photo because he book the seat that has extra leg space, and he ended up seating super far away from us.

Top left to right: Andy, Jiaqi, Amanda, Meldric
Bottom left to right: Yourstruly, Angie, Ruoxuan, Weijie

Mentioned all the names just so you know who I'm talking about when you're reading this whole travelogue. Hahahaha!

When we arrived, some of us bought data sim cards so that we'll stay contactable at all times via whatsapp 
(Technology nowadays....) Hahahaha!

We bought the data sim cards for 299 Baht btw, and it costs like $10 - $12 SGD??? Depending on the exchange rates. The data sim card that we bought as unlimited internet usage so yea, you need not be afraid of losing connection from the world anymore. :)

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The ticket buying machine works exactly the same as our Singapore MRT ticketing machine la, so its pretty easy to use. Selected our destination and paid 40 Baht for it. Which is like??? $1.50 SGD??!!!

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93 Soi Somprasong (Petchburi 17 Rd) Pratunam, 
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10400 
Tel: +66 (0) 2 6564200  
Fax: +66 (0) 2 6563043 

Took the Airport link subway to Ratchaprarop Station. Had to walk a bit of a distance to our hotel though...

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The cool thing about that token. It works exactly the same as our SG's EZ-Link card. First when you are entering the gantry. You tap it. YES! TAP IT! And when you're exiting the gantry, you just insert it into the coin slot. SUPER COOL!!!!

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Reached "The 93 Hotel" after making detours around.

When we reach Bangkok it was around 8pm++??? So there wasn't much stuff for us to do. So after checking in to our hotel, we then rest a little bit before heading out for dinner/supper.

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A P4040841_副本 A P4040842_副本
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I must say, for the price that we paid for, its really worth it!!!

I shared a room with Angie, and on the 2nd day, Joyce will be joining us and adding an extra bed. Divided among us 3, me and Angie (who stayed for 4 Days 3 Nights) paid around $100SGD??? Which I find that its really reasonable.

The aircon is cold enough, room is spacious, and bathroom is not ulu ulu kind.Perfect for taking a long shower or doing your business inside.

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Took a quick shower cuz I feel sticky and dirty. LOLOL! After that, we all head out for dinner/supper nearby central world.

They have a lot of "ZI CHAR" stall over there. But I feel that most of them sells similar stuff, so it doesn't really make a difference of which stall you eat at.

Split ourselves to 2 tables. Ruoxuan, Meldric, Weijie, Amanda, Kaizhi to one. Me, Andy, Jiaqi and Angie to another. Its easier this way I guess? Cuz they ordered beers and such and the ones that don't drink = US, we bo bian separate from them loooo. Hahaha!

A P4040912_副本

This is what we (Angie, Me, Andy, and Jiaqi) ordered. all for 800++ Baht. And its only $30 SGD?!!! Where can you get a $30 SGD "ZI CHAR" IN SINGAPORE???!!! THIS IS HEAVEN!!!!

After our scrumptious dinner/supper. We then walk around the area in search of more food. But to our disappointment, most of the stalls were already closed for the day. So yeap. For alternatives, yours truly bought Mcdonald's instead. Hahahaha!!!

I have this thing that whichever country I go to, its a MUST to try their Mcdonald's!!! Or maybe its just me?!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

A P4050920_副本

P/S: Pardon me for my pillow in the photo above ^^

Mcdonald's Family Meal that costs 199 Baht, or is it 299 Baht??? I can't really remember! Either ways, its still cheap!!!

They have quite a number of different family combos though. I chose the cheaper one cuz I just want to try it. So yea. It has 2 Fried Chicken, 4 McDrumSticks and additional 1 piece chicken that comes in a paper bag. LOL?!!!

and 2 regular coke of course!

This pretty much sums up my first day at Bangkok! Hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. Till the next post!

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