17 April 2014

CNOS 3 Finals OOTD x SWITCH By Timbre

A P4121587_副本

Cameo Top: Bangkok 
Bottom: CottonOn
Outerwear: CottonOn
Shoes: J Shoes

After my CNOS 3 Finals event, I went to have dinner/supper with le Cousins* over at Switch by Timbre. Had their roasted duck pizza, buffalo wings and also Hawaiian pizza. Didn't ordered any drinks there cuz cold water is free and its awesomezxzxz! Hahahah!

Following photos are taken via Conan's amazing iPhone and fisheye lens.




Photo Taken By Jing Long's: Sony RX1

Photo taken using Jinglong's Sony RX1. Super amazing!!! I really like this photo taken. Should have heed his advice and take more shots!!! DAMN!!!

This is a pretty short post. Shall end it off with one last photo. Edited by Shenny! Super cool and swag please!!! Introducing your #CNOS2 Top 3! ^.^y


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