05 April 2014

Japanese Buffet & Hotpot Restaurant

[31st March 2014, Monday]

Met up with le choir boyzzz for lunch at Chiso Zanmai. Its been almost a year since we last met and one of our friend is enlisting into the army soon. So yea! We thought of meeting up before he enlist.

Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-17, The Central, Singapore 151897
Phone: 6221 3177

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It is highly recommended that you make reservations before going down, because... LOOK AT THE QUEUE!!!! Thank god we were there together, so that makes waiting and queuing less boring.

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After queuing for about 1hr++, we finally reached the entrance.
My frend just came back from Japan and he bought us kitkats of different flavours!!! ♥

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When you first enter, you would have to go the cashier to make payment before you can go take your food. Each of us paid about $20 SGD??? For that price I personally feel that its reasonable.

After you've made your payment, the waiter/waitress will then lead you to your seats.

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Constantly spammed their sashimi/salmon whichever you call it. Hahahah! Had 2 - 3 rounds of serving and was really full after that. Honestly, I feel that the variety isn't a lot, but you pay for what you get, so yeap!!!

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A tip for you guys when you're dining over there. Remember to get your spoon and fork beforehand as during peak period you can HARDLY find any of it at the tray itself. My friends and I end up sharing with one another when we're eating.

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Introducing to you my boyfriends. YES! I HAVE 4 BOYFRIENDS, I'm a whore just like that! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
I really like this group photo a lot!!! Like finally we have a proper group photo, after sooooo long!!!

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End the day off with a movie, DIVERGENT!!!
It's really a good movie and everyone should really go watch it! For the sake of THEO JAMES!!! Hahaha!!!

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