11 April 2014

"I Love Being A Blogger"

After much deliberation, I've decided to take part in this contest. Not because I really want to win, but because I thought of sharing some of the experience of my life as a blogger. But technically I wouldn't really call myself as a blogger la, more of like a guy with a online journal (BLOG)??!!! Hahahaha!

Okay, back to topic. I wouldn't really say I love being a blogger, more of like, I LIKE BEING A BLOGGER! You know you know???!!!! The difference between "LOVE" and "LIKE"...

I Love Being A Blogger = 我爱 Being A Blogger 
I Like Being A Blogger = 我喜欢 Being A Blogger

I'm more of like 喜欢 being a blogger as compared to 我爱, because I get some perks that not many normal people would get! Love is just to deep for me. Hahahaha!

To be honest, I'm a on and off "blogger" that has been blogging for quite some time already. In the past, I would only blog if there is contests or movie premiere's that requires us to blog about it. But now, I would update this little space of mine as much as I can...

I think its more of passion that keeps me going I guess???

Now to get things started, I'm going to be sharing 5 reasons, why I like being a blogger!!! :D

A Collage

I wouldn't deny the fact that bloggers do actually get perks/freebies/goodies, whichever you call it. 

That's because bloggers are considered as part of the media, like journalists or reporter. They're there to cover events to get the latest news first hand and then share it with their readers. People often mistaken bloggers as beggars because there are some that really spoils the market, but I shall not go too detailed into this.

1. Exposure & Knowledge

The thing about blogging is that it gives me exposure and also having to gain knowledge from other bloggers.

Take me for instance, I've participated in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 2 also known as CNOS last year and I've gained so much exposure and knowledge from the participants and the people around.

The things you learned from one another is priceless, its nothing that money can buy.

Through blogging, I also had the opportunity to appear on Teenage Magazines 2 times, and had my face plastered at a mall around town. YES! This is what blogging gets you!!!

Meet New People
Meeting ppl

I've also met quite a few people through blogging who comes from different walks of life. Some I even follow their social media accounts even till date.

Attending events and such through blogging have also widened my network as a person. I mean, the more people you know, the more network you have, the more "lobangs" you get right??!!! Hahahaha!

long lasting Frienships

At first, I didn't even dare to imagine myself having long term friends via blogging. But guess what?!!! I've been blogging for a few years already, and there are really some that I grown pretty close to. Some that are not just "blogger" friends. But we are really friends. REAL FRIENDS. TRUE FRIENDS. Whichever you prefer.

There is this particular group of friends that I've made through blogging and have gone through so much throughout the years, and we've already known each other for like 4 - 5 years already!!!

They're non other than this group of friends that we affectionately call ourselves. "COUSINS*"


We even traveled to Bangkok recently. Who would have thought that I'll be travelling with people that I've met online???!!! Remember when I was a child, my parents' always told me not to talk or meet people online. Hahaha! Thank god I didn't 100% follow what they've said.

Celebrity Bloggers

Lets rewind the time back to 2009 where this blogging hype just started. Those above are some of the forgotten ones but still kept as memories to me.

I mean they were really the "IN" people back then!!!  Through blogging, I get to attend Nuffnang's very first Asia Pacific Blog Awards held at Pan Pacific Hotel in 2009!!!

That is the time where I get to meet all the super popz bloggers and see them LIVE!!!

Need me to mention Jayden was super uber talented?!!! I was fanboying him back then (actually even now la) Hahaha!

This was the video that he and his team produced for Nuffnang's Blog Awards video contest, and they manage to clinched first prize and walk away with $5000!!!

In case it gets boring at the beginning, fast-forward to 50secs!!!!


And how can I forget about the current celebrity bloggers?!!!

Manage to rub shoulders and got complemented by QiuQiu! I was on cloud nine back then! Hahaha! She even mention that she love the Harlem Shake video that me and some of the CNOS2 contestants did for one of our challenge. #AchievementUnlocked

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