25 April 2014

Bangkok Travelogue (Day 3)

Welcome to day 3 of my Bangkok travelogue!!! So sorry for the lack of updates because school have already started and life is getting busier and busier!!!

So without further ado, lets begin Day 3 of my BKK travelogue. :D

A P4061123_副本

It was me waking up the earliest again (WHATS NEW?!!!) and off I went to shower and get myself prep for the day, while Joyce and Angie were still asleep. #PIGS!

A P4061124_副本

So in the midst of waiting for the 2 girls to get themselves prepared, I decided to do abit of self-lovin moments near the window area where I get the natural and best lighting in the room! Hahaha!

A P4061130_副本 A P4061131_副本

A P4061146_副本

Met up with the rest at the corridor. Weijie and Mel saw Andy wearing the singlet that they have, so they 2 decided to change and wear the same one together. LOLOLOL!!!

A P4061148_副本

Took the lift down to basement and saw this. Hahahaha! Talk about surveillance camera fail!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

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We all decided to have street food for breakfast that day, so we all roamed around the street, got the food that we wanted and then settle down at one of the street stall (You must buy their food in order to sit at their place to eat luhh)

A P4061161_副本

Had their Chicken Cutlet Rice and its really really cheap!! (I forgot how much it was already)

A P4061167_副本

After we had our scrumptious breakfast, we then walk all the way to the train station, took all the way to Mo Chit station where Chatuchak is located.

A P4061179_副本
Old School MRT Gantry
A P4061171_副本

After the train ride, we finally reached Mo Chit station. Here's Angie with the location board. I think this photo can be used as a advertisement for Mo Chit station lor!!!! So advertising worthy! Hahaha!!!

A P4061177_副本


Didn't really took much photo while shopping cuz the crowd there is CRAZY!!!! If you can wear lesser! I see some Caucasians men that took off their tops over there cuz its just that humid!!!

Here are just some photos that I casually took while taking a break from shopping.

A P4061185_副本

A P4061193_副本

A P4061197_副本

A P4061188_副本

A P4061201_副本

A P4061209_副本

A P4061217_副本

A P4061225_副本

Shop for 5 hours straight and decided take taxi back to the hotel rooms to put our barang barangs with Joyce, Angie and Kaizhi while the rest went to look for Jiaqi because she didn't buy any data sim card and we initially set the meeting place at the train station. So yeap! A data sim card is important if you're going there in groups. :)

A P4061228_副本

Was camwhoring with Joyce and suddenly Andy came to "SHOW OFF" his buys to us. LOLOLOLOLOOL!!! That explains this picture.

A P4061239_副本

Slacked in the hotel room till evening where everyone had enough rest. We then head out to the Zi Char stalls near Central World there to have our dindinz!!

A P4061254_副本 A P4061269_副本
A P4061263_副本 A P4061261_副本
A P4061256_副本 A P4061272_副本

After we had our dinner, some of us went our own separate ways cuz some wanted to visit After You cafe, some wanted to go massage, and some wanted to do manicure. So yeap.

Visited After You Cafe at Central World with Andy, Jiaqi and Angie. There's always still room for desserts!!!

A P4061281_副本

Location: Central World (Bangkok), 7th Floor
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm everyday.

A P4061285_副本

A P4061290_副本

A P4061296_副本

We manage to get the sofa seats! ♥
We each ordered a dessert, Jiaqi's one definitely looks the nicest, and the most sinful IMO!

A P4061362_副本 A P4061328_副本
A P4061310_副本 A P4061301_副本

A P4061368_副本

After that. Angie and Jiaqi went separate ways from me and Andy as both of us are going to watch Captain America while Jiaqi and Angie are going to do some shopping and massage. (I think)

A P4081494_副本
Bangkok movie stubs! Super awesomezxzxz!!!

A P4071375_副本

After our movie, we then walk all the way back to our hotel and on our way back, we bought Mcdonald's for supper! Hahaha! I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT MCDONALDS!!!!

A P4071381_副本

And as expected. Andy came to our room to eat instead of his! Hahahaha!
Here's a photo to end this post. My buys for the day!

A P4071390_副本

Initially I still thought I bought alot of stuffs at Chatuchak that day. Wait till you see what I bought on Day 4! LOLOLOLOL!!! Overall, I'm super happy with my buys! Teehee! ♥

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