31 May 2014

Daily Essentials

Recently there's lack of updates on my blog, and that's because my Mid Semester Tests is just next week! Time is really passing way too fast for me!!!

So anyways! Just a little update of what's going on recently.

My life is revolving around school and just school lately. Don't know why, but this year is passing super duper fast! It's like in a blink of an eye, half a year is gone, and soon, I'll be graduating and stepping into the workforce already!

But looking at the brighter side, I'll be going to Korea for a week after my MST's!!! Yayy! I can't wait! Now my mind can think about is just KOREA KOREA AND KOREA!!!

A week before I also went for a event at TANG MUSIC BOX kudos to Tselyn for the invite. You guys can read her blog for more details because I'm still editing the photos! Hahaha! Her Bloglink Here ->

Also! Project Superstar 3 Audition will be held next Saturday, 7th June at Mediacorp! I'm still thinking if I should give it a shot. The reasons that are stopping is that:

1) I'm afraid I will not even get through the first round of audition.

2) If I didn't get through the audition, I don't want them to air my face on television!!!

3) I don't want to "XIA SUAY" myself...

So yeap! That's why you see recently I've been posting video of myself, singing on my Instagram.

So how is it??? Is it good enough to get through the first round of audition??!!!

AND AND AND!!! If you haven't already do so. Do follow me on my Twitter and/or Instagram! I update there more often! ^.^

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A P5310734_副本

Didn't have time to go out recently, that explains the lack of posts recently (Part of it). Another part is because my MST's is coming and I don't wanna be the only one in my class who fails!!! So yeap!!!

But I guess more posts will be coming up as I'm going Korea soon. and If I decide to join PSS I might also blog about my experience??? Hahahaha!!!

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